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There are only a few legends in the music industry who are given the title of King. One is celebrated Romeo Santos, also known as the king of bachata, who was the first Dominican international musician to gain and win the hearts of millions of people around the world. a documentary about the legend Romeo Santos was made, entitled “king of bachata“. This is where he gets the title. Although everyone knows about him, it’s an honor to describe him again in our article today. Let’s have a brief introduction of what this super talented celebrity and the documentary are about.

Who is the king of bachata?

The prince of bachata, the king of bachata, and the king of salsa. Anthony Romeo Santos is recognised by many names. The legendary singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor is best known for being born on July 21, 1981. The bachata group Aventura’s lead vocalist and lead member was the Dominican-born New Yorker artist. In 2002, the song “Obsesión” topped the Italian charts for 16 weeks in a row. The king of bachata dropped five albums with Aventura before the band disbanded. Since then, Santos has pursued a solo career, yielding seven number-one hits on the Hot Latin Songs list and sixteen on the Tropical Songs chart. He sold over 40 million albums and 100 million singles over his career. With his exceptionally great success in the industry, Romeo was honored by a documentary called “king of bachata” dedicated to him and his struggles.

King of bachata as an actor

Besides being a musician with multiple skills, Romeo Santos is also a great actor. His debut cinematic appearance was in the Dominican film “Sanky Panky” in 2007 as himself and his fellow Aventura band members playing live at Altos de Chavón in the Dominican Republic. The king of bachata made his Hollywood debut in the April 2015 blockbuster Furious 7, with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson. Romeo was worried about his performance in the movie, but the cast helped him feel comfortable. He also worked as the voice actor of ‘Early Bird’ in the 2016 film The Angry Birds Movie. In 2013, he sang “Quiero Ser Tu Amigo,” a song about friendship, on an episode of Sesame Street. His most recent acting project was King of Bachata; the release date was June 30, 2021.

About the king of bachata documentary 

The king of bachata documentary connects the musical heritage of the genre’s foremost legend and icon, Romeo Santos, with the king of bachata. The documentary follows the rise of the oppressed genre from the impoverished countryside of the Dominican Republic to unparalleled international acclaim, ending in a ledger concert featuring Romeo Santos among the great bachateros who paved the road before him.

The documentary King of Bachata was directed by Charles Todd and Devin Amar and produced by Sony Music Latin, Chimby Productions, and Scheme Engine. It integrates the making of and greatest bits from the ambitious concert with narration from Dominican TV personality Joel “The Kid Mero” Martinez, who travels to the Caribbean nation to discover the essence of bachata. Executive producers include Romeo Santos, Artie Pabon, and Ruben Leyva. Mero’s voyage brings us to the restaurants and bars of the Dominican Republic’s countryside, where the music started, and retraces its climb to international acclaim. The king of bachata documentary also includes “La Gira del Pueblo,” a present he offered to his followers in tiny towns and villages around the Dominican Republic.

Inspired by Romeo’s Utopia record, the king of bachata documentary and performance is a tribute to the genre. The concert, which includes surprise performances by legends like Cardi B and Aventura, is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of Latin culture and a watershed moment in Latin music history.

Anthony Romeo Santos set a new record at MetLife Stadium in 2019 by presenting the highest-grossing music event in a single night. He was also the first Latin musician to perform at the New Jersey venue. “Utopia” was an 80,000-person sold-out event that was the first of its kind in promoting the Dominican Republic-born musical genre of bachata. Along with his best hits, Santos recruited famous bachateros such as El Chaval de la Bachata, Frank Reyes, and Luis Vargas to play onstage with him.

Multiple great things took place after the king of bachata documentary, such as the king of bachata, the realization of the genre among Latinos, Romeo’s fame, etc.

King of bachata documentary where to watch

If you are living in New York, the best place to watch the king of bachata documentary is at the House of Bachata. If not, you can always watch it on HBO Max. Is the king of bachata documentary available on netflix? The king of bachata is not on Netflix yet. We believe it will come soon.

History of Romeo Santos before the King of Batata

Romeo Santos was surrounded by bachata music his entire childhood as a young kid growing up in the Bronx with a Dominican background. Bachata began in the Dominican Republic and was revered on the island. Romeo Santos was the most affected by Blas Duran and Anthony Santos. When Romeo was a teenager, he and his cousin, Henry Santos, together with two of their pals, brothers Lenny and Max Santos, created a band called Aventura. They began producing Bachata music and began performing it in local restaurants and neighborhood gatherings. They were well-known and were frequently invited to perform in their Bronx neighborhood.

None of the Aventura guys desired to be famous. For all of them, music was merely a pastime. On the other hand, Aventura, on the other hand, released their debut album, which included four songs, one of which being Obsession. The CDs they gave out gradually circulated around until everyone in the Bronx knew who Aventura was. Obsession was the most often heard music in automobiles driving by, retailers, and restaurants. They all expected it to go away soon, but instead it launched their careers.

Romeo Santos began touring and selling out stadiums. His popularity grew to the point that he became the first Latin musician to sell out the Metlife Stadium on his own. The desire to see him was so high that he had to add extra dates to his tour, and every single ticket was sold. He went on to collaborate with some of the finest bachata singers in history, and has a few songs with them. Romeo traveled to the Dominican Republic and gave free performances in every city. He won the affection and respect of all Dominicans and is adored by millions throughout the world.

The Music Career of Romeo Santos

It began in 1996 when the king of bachata joined Aventura. Aventura launched their first album in 1999 with the goal of introducing bachata singers into the mainstream by melding it with hip hop and R&B. The song “Obsesión” was a great success in several countries in 2002, topping numerous international charts in France, Germany, and Italy. After that, Aventura released five studio albums in a decade, yielding several top ten songs, such as the globally recognised “Obsesión,” “Dile Al Amor,” “Un Beso,” “Amor de Madre,” “Cuando Volverás,” “Los Infieles,” “Por Un Segundo,” “El Perdedor,” and many others.

In April 2011, Romeo parted ways with the band to pursue a solo career. According to the king of bachata, the band was broken up due to the individual projects of all the members. Even though it was difficult for Romeo to handle at first, he managed to get more fame and success through his exceptional albums such as Formula Vol 1, Formula Vol 2 and many more.

The king of bachata recently released an exclusive track entitled “Sus Huellas”, which is getting millions of streams.

Final Verdict

Anthony Romeo Santos has made a legendary name for himself as the world’s king of bachata and prince of bachata. Not only he entertained the world with his music and acting, but won the hearts of many by touching their souls through his magical singing. Words are not enough to describe him. The man totally deserves the king of bachata documentary and the title.

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