After splitting from her husband Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has been focusing on dating the Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson. Kim and Pete started dating in October 2021, and their relationship has remained secret until this week, when they made it public. Since then, the two have been linked with others such as Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale. However, Kim is probably best known for her famous marriage to Kanye West.

The couple first met in October 2021, when Kardashian and Davidson were spotted at a theme park. They later talked about meeting at the Met Gala a few days later, where Kim wore a Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress and Davidson wore a Dior Men suit. They’d previously denied dating, but the couple’s on-screen kiss on “SNL” got fans talking.

On Sunday night, Kim Kardashian and Pete were spotted kissing for the first time since their on-screen kiss. The two are engaged, and Pete was reportedly caught taking pictures of Kim. They had first kissed on the SNL season finale, and Pete was a supportive boyfriend at the premiere. Pete even posted an Instagram photo of the two of them, showing his support for Kim. Pete has also been supportive and loving in public, even if the two were not close.

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A few days later, he returned to her YouTube account to tell her he was still in love with her. After a few days of waiting, Kim filmed a scene with the comedian, and we can expect a full episode of her reality show. Pete has even been promised he won’t leave her for Kanye. He’s said he’ll never leave her, so she’s certainly not going anywhere! Pete has promised Kim that he won’t leave her, despite Kanye’s continued acrimony.

Pete Davidson is a New York native. Kim Kardashian has been spending time in Pete Davidson’s hometown, Staten Island, while he’s been dating her. She even revealed that she and Pete are “low-key” dates that are “fun.”

The former couple was married for seven years before filing for divorce. Kim was divorced from West in 2014, and he has said that she’ll never meet Davidson’s children. The two split in February 2021 and have four children together. Pete Davidson is a celebrity, and Kim Kardashian has been a glam star in the spotlight. They were married for seven years and have two children, North and Saint.

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