The reality star stepped out in a figure-hugging strapless black dress on Thursday night. The black number featured an off-shoulder panel and was completed by a gold Balenciaga necklace. The star teamed up with makeup artists Lisa Eldridge and Luke Hersheson for the look, and described it as “effortlessly chic and cool.”

The figure-hugging, strapless black dress was skin-tight and was reminiscent of a baby swaddle. The fold-over design kept her arms confined, making it difficult to move her arms. Babies are swaddled with a band of cloth around their limbs to restrict their movement. As Kim is now an adult, it’s easy to imagine what that must have felt like. A Reddit user posted a picture of the star with a baby modelling the swaddle, naming the dress ‘the Kim Kardashian swaddle’.

The dress was so skin-tight that Kim Kardashian looked like she couldn’t move her arms at all. The design of the dress was so tight that she couldn’t even move her arms. Many people compared it to an adult baby swaddle, which is a band of cloth wrapped around an infant to restrict movement. As a result, Kim was nicknamed the “skwaddle” after a Reddit user posted a photo of her wearing the dress alongside a baby swaddle and labelled it a “skwaddle”.

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The all-black outfit was so skin-tight and form-fitting that fans speculated that Kim cannot move her arms in the dress. The figure-hugging style was reminiscent of a baby swaddle, with the fold-over design making it difficult for her to move her arms. A Reddit user shared a photo of Kim wearing the swaddle with a baby and the resulting post led to the name “skwaddle.”

The all-black gown is skin-tight and looks just like a baby swaddle. The fold-over design made it so tight that Kim’s arms could barely move in the dress. A Reddit user posted a photo of Kim alongside a baby modeling the swaddle, and quickly nicknamed the dress “skwaddle.”

The all-black dress is skin-tight and very restrictive. She can’t move her arms! The strapless dress is so skin-tight, it looks like an adult baby swaddle. Since it’s so tight, Kim was unable to move her arms and it looked unflattering to viewers. Despite her lack of sexy movement, the dress was still a very impressive ensemble.

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