Kim Kardashian flaunted her curves on a tropical getaway with Pete Davidson. While on her Caribbean vacation, Kim was spotted in a bright blue crop top, showing off her hourglass shape and curvy hips. Throughout the photoshoot, she kept her face off the camera, showcasing her perfectly flat midsection and curvy shoulders.

The star’s sexy swimwear was snapped during a relaxing getaway. During the shoot, Kim seemed to be sitting on a sundeck on a yacht. She leaned back with her hands resting on the flat surface and raised her chin up toward the sky. She was smiling and soaking up the rays, highlighting her sexy curves and flawless skin. The background of the image showed lush greenery, complete with trees and tall grasses.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Sisters' Best Bikini Pics Ever

While in the water, the star kept her accessories to a minimum – an Apple watch and a dainty gold necklace. Her hair hung loose in the wind and blew in the strong breeze created by the movement of the boat. She wore no makeup and wore a pair of sunglasses to highlight her stunning figure. Her pictures are a hit on social media, and they’re already garnering thousands of likes and comments.

The reality TV star and media personality has been on a tropical getaway with her husband Pete Davidson. In the photos, she sported a blue crop top to show off her curvy hourglass figure. Khloe Kardashian commented on Kim’s picture, “The pictures of her in her thong bikini were beautiful. I’m glad I can show you all my famous hourglass curves!”

The three sisters were photographed in a bikini with a number of friends. Allison Statter, a shapewear mogul, was snapped next to her on the beach. Kris Jenner, who is a longtime friend of hers, was also seen in a red striped bathing suit. And Kylie Jenner has also been spotted in a blue striped bathing suit and a matching two-piece.

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The three sisters are known for their sexy bikini photos and videos. They have been photographed in a number of sexy bikini pictures and have posted plenty of them on social media. While Kim Kardashian has shown her curves in a red bikini, Kourtney Jenner has been spotted in a bright blue one-piece.