According to Kardashian World, Valentine’s Day began with announcement of Kanye West as well as Julia Fox had reportedly called their differences. After that, West pulled up to his ex Kim Kardashian’s home with the truck filled with flowers and stated that they ” don’t have beef.” Then the news broke, it was clear that the only thing Kardashian was from West was to get the latter to quit “creating a dangerous and scary environment” through sending his online rage at the man she was with, Pete Davidson.

The next day, West repented. In a post on social media, posting a picture of himself on stage, he confessed that he’s working to improve his communication and also apologized for spilling messages with his ex. He also acknowledged that using the cap lock feature within his mobile “makes people feel like I’m screaming at them.”

“I am able to benefit from the support of a group of talented experts, organizers, mobilizers as well as community-based leaders. Thank you to everyone who has supported myself,” he wrote. “I am aware that posting screenshots can be jarring and came across as being a bit threatening Kim. I’m responsible for my actions. I’m still learning over time.”

The final note he left: “I don’t have all the answers. A good leader, you have to be an excellent listener.”

On Monday night, West posted a series of screen shots from texts she allegedly exchanged with Kardashian in which the reality TV star attacked her estranged husband for concocting an eerie atmosphere that “someone will hurt Pete [Davidson] and this will all be your fault.” (Kanye has since removed the tweets.)

After the exchange, West assured fans he’s “going to handle the situation myself” and “upon my wife’s request” to not “do anything physically towards Davidson. (Or the way he refers to his character, “Skete.”)

In another communication, Kardashian wrote that West’s attempts to gain her back the situation “scary” when “it doesn’t have to be.” West responded, “I will always do everything I can to safeguard your family and me for ever. I listened to you and advised everyone to ensure no physical harm happens for Skete.”

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The messages that were published between the two former lovers appeared to be a proof point that they “don’t have beef.” Sharing a picture showing Kardashian sporting a jacket that he purchased on her behalf, he posted: “I believed it was very exceptional. I’m confident that we’ll get back together.”

After ranting about the way media outlets have reported the couple’s rocky relationship and he concluded his note with, “Sometimes people call me crazy, but to be love means to be insane about something, and I am obsessed with my family. Happy Valentine’s.”

Despite his media-driven, month-long romance to Julia Fox, West began to seek reconciliation with Kardashian in recent months. West also shared a collection of pictures of Kardashian and their three children in the middle of January, and wrote, “God please bring our family back together.”

In the past month West was also reported to have claimed that Kardashian claimed he was “putting a hit out on her.” “Let me get this straight I be to go to my daughter’s party and I’m accused of being on drugs then I go to play with my son and I take my Akira graphic novel and I’m accused of stealing now I’m being accused of putting a hit on her,” He wrote.

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Additionally, earlier in the month West stated that he was not happy with their child North West appearing on TikTok. In the same post, Kardashian wrote, “Kanye’s constant attacks on me in interviews and on social media is actually more hurtful than any TikTok North might create… I am doing my best to protect our daughter while also allowing her to express her creativity in the medium that she wishes with adult supervision — because it brings her happiness.”

The month of December was when Kardashian made a formal application to be legally single. Kardashian filed for divorce in the early part of in the year.