Khloé Kardashian furtively gave love with Tristan Thompson a billionth attempt in the fall, she uncovers in the current week’s episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians.”

The Good American prime supporter concedes in a confession booth that she and the NBA player “just reunited” just before Travis Barker proposed to Kourtney Kardashian — in October 2021.

“Tristan flew in for the proposition. This was the kind of thing he wouldn’t miss,” Khloé makes sense of. “We’re great. We’re in a great spot. We just reunited. He’s been going to treatment a ton. There’s simply been a ton of exertion from him.”

The previous “Retribution Body” star spouts about her conning playmate, saying it’s “so fun” when he’s near and it satisfies her to see the delight on their girl True’s face when they’re together.

Having apparently shut down the entirety of his evil ways, Khloé, 37, says she’s “confident” about her future with Thompson, 31, due to how incredible they were getting along
“Whenever we separated, I figured out how well him and I got along and what old buddies we and great accomplices we are,” she makes sense of, “and I have a ton of trust and confidence and good faith for our future together.”

The previous “Kocktails with Khloé” have said a final farewell to the Chicago Bulls focus after Instagram model Sydney Chase asserted she had laid down with him months earlier.

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“They’re getting along. There is no show,” a source said at that point, adding that “everything is neighborly, and they are in total agreement with co-nurturing.”
So presently it seems Khloé and Thompson were a thing when news broke in December 2021 — two months after Kourtney’s commitment — that wellness model Maralee Nichols was pregnant with his kid.

Sources kept up with that they had been separated when Nichols’ paternity claim became public information, yet it seems the previous E! star has been uncovered by her own unscripted TV drama with this new timetable.

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