Khloe Kardashian’s jaw dropped when she displayed her gorgeous new hairstyle on display a few days after being accused of using Photoshop to alter her images on the website.

The actress of 37 appears to be channeling Hollywood famous Marilyn Monroe in her amazing new look, which has sent her fans in awe on Instagram.

The Keeping UP With The Kardashians The star of the show looked totally different in her new peroxide blonde hairstyle that combines the classic blunt cut.

The mother-of-one styled her look with a low-cut black dress and a fiery pose. The natural style went down very well with her followers after they slammed her on Twitter earlier this week over the alleged Photoshopping of her photos.

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Contemporary American rock star Khloe Kardashian looked more slimmer than ever before with a slim corset top of beige and loose blue jeans, which helped to tighten her already tense waist.