Kerry Katona Says Ryan Loves My Big Bum


It’s clear that fiance Ryan Mahoney is smitten with Kerry Katona’s new arse! The actress and personal trainer revealed her surgery results in a recent interview, which has been widely shared. Here, she discusses her weight loss transformation, Ryan’s displeasure and her new relationship. This article will give you an inside look at Kerry’s new arse and shed some light on the recent events surrounding her divorce from her husband Ryan Katona and her relationship with Ryan Mahoney.

Kerry Katona’s new arse

The Atomic Kitten star has made it no secret that she’s undergone a non-surgical butt lift, with a caption that includes peach emojis. The star, who has a following of nearly 273,000 on Instagram, revealed her new derriere by posting a photo of her new ‘arse’ to her account. Earlier this year, Kerry underwent a Brazilian booty lift and lost two stones in the process.

After spending time with her children on modeling on OnlyFans, the actress set up a private account on the social networking site OnlyFans. On her account, she shared a series of sexy messages and pictures with fans. Kerry claims that she only posts topless photos. But it’s not entirely clear if she’s telling the truth. The actor says she spent money from modeling on OnlyFans to buy the car.

Her weight loss transformation

The showgirl has been teasing fans with her weight loss transformation on Instagram, revealing a before and after shot. Kerry was a large, chubby girl in a pink bikini when she shared her before photo, but the after shot shows a much more trim body. While Kerry has been open about her weight struggles in the past, she says she does not recommend weight loss surgery.

The actress revealed her new slim body during a ‘no filter’ snap on Instagram. She admitted that she felt uncomfortable and unwanted while gaining weight and that her ‘unflattering’ body was ‘not who I am. She then vowed to change her life and show off her new shape. Although her before photo received criticism, fans of her weight loss transformation are standing by her side. Kerry has contacted her management to comment on the controversy.

Her divorce from Ryan Katona

The media has been buzzing about the new couple’s tumultuous divorce, which was filed in June. The pair were married on 14 September 2014 but separated a few months later. After a short-lived breakup, the couple renewed their wedding vows in May. George passed away unexpectedly in July 2019. The couple split up a few months later, and Kerry debuted her new relationship with James English on social media. The two met through the dating app Bumble.

In the aftermath of the split, it is clear that Kerry Katona’s life has changed dramatically. Earlier this year, she announced that she has turned a millionaire. Previously, she declared bankruptcy and started working on her own business, but that has all changed. She plans to become a mother and a nutritionist, and she has a new business venture in the works.

Her new relationship with her fiance Ryan Mahoney

The couple met in 2014 and recently announced their engagement on Instagram. Kerry recently shared a video of herself and Ryan on their private island. The two had been dating for a year, having met through the dating app Bumble. They had two children together, Lilly-Sue, 17, and Max, 21. In October 2018, they had a make-or-break holiday in Thailand, where Ryan proposed. While on the trip, Kerry posted a rant about her ex-husband, Brian McFadden.

The two are now engaged, and they have been spotted out with their three children. During their recent trip to Spain, Kerry shared a series of photos with Ryan. The engagement was widely celebrated on Twitter, where fans congratulated the couple on their new status. During their recent getaway, they celebrated their love in style, with Ryan holding her hand while she posed in her bikini.