The duo put their enviably toned bodies on full display for their new PH collection, with each showcasing her perfectly sculpted figure in an all-black ensemble. In the cover story, the girls are seen wearing low-rise spandex pants and cropped tops to show off their hourglass figure. The waistline of Kylie Jenner‘s costume doubled as a garter belt, while the rest of her outfit was a tight white pair of boots. They also wore futuristic sunglasses and a face shield.

The models sported matching lilac ensembles with a black top and black leggings. Each posed for several minutes in front of a big mirror, with the model showing off her flawless figure in the process. Their outfits were accentuated by a signature one-liner matte lip look and lilac pencils.

In their debut appearances for the PH collection, the duo flaunted their perfectly toned bodies while wearing matching lilac tops and skirts. Their enviably toned physiques were complemented by a red lip and a bold shade of lipstick. While PH may be a bit more modest, the pair’s enviable bodies are certainly a sight to behold.

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The duo teamed up to create a collection of PH products for women. They modeled the KENDALL X KYLIE 2.0 line and it will hit shelves on April 6. A promotional video was released on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page on Valentine’s Day, showing the pair posing in a bust-baring, two-piece fitness set, complete with leggings. The photo was taken with the back camera of Jenner’s phone, which was held to her shoulder.

The duo’s enviably toned bodies are a testament to their sensible diet. In addition to high-intensity exercise classes, the two exes opted to wear white lingerie for the shoot. They both have said that they want to have children and have been linked to many other basketball players. It’s unclear whether the relationship is real, but it’s certainly public.

The duo recently teamed up with their older sister Kendall Jenner to launch a new cosmetics line. The KENDALL X KYLIE 2.0 makeup collection will be available on April 6 and will be limited in availability. The brand claims the range contains products with both products. The collection will also include a lip balm with a hint of sex.

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