“I tried to create one of those stunning baby reveal photos,” Kaya Scodelario remarked when she posted an unassuming selfie of her bump.

Kaya Scodelario and Benjamin Walker are expecting another baby!

The Maze Runnerstar, 29, posted a photo early on Saturday, posing with her bump wearing a tropical print dress.

“I attempted to make one of those stunning photos of the birth announcement with the meadow and golden sunset, the puppy’s hay and the beautifully put together BoHo outfit and flowing natural hair, with babies nestling inside, but I realized that I am too tired, achey and lazy,” she said in her announcement

“So here’s me making an unnatural face in the mirror, while applying makeup, for the first time since six months.” Scodelario said.

“We are extremely happy, evidently,” the Skinsactress added “but most of us are extremely tired.”

Scodelario, 39, and Walker 39, who are both married, first were reunited in 2014 when they were filming The Moon and The Sun and were married one year later. They’re additionally grandparents to a boy who is four years old who’s name hasn’t been made public.

The couple also attended the Henley festival 2021 a Friday night , when they were photographed with the actress’s baby bump that was on display.

The soon-to-be mother-of-two is wearing the identical dress she put worn for her announcement about her pregnancy and Walker decided to wear an elegant black suit and bowtie when they took pictures.

The Spinning Outactress has previously talked about the impact having a child has been on her career. She also noted the fact that she’s “pickier” in the roles she chooses to play.

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“When I first began my career, I was just trying to find jobs I just wanted to get a job,” Scodelario told the Evening Standard in the Evening Standardin the year 2018. “I was so happy doing this and never imagined I’d get the chance to be able to do this and I’m extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to. Every job that I get to play, I’m simply thrilled to be a part of.”

“But I’m thinking that now, as mommy I must be more careful when it comes to choosing to spend six months on the opposite side of the planet,” she noted.