The pop superstar has a ton of surprises in store for fans in 2022, including several collaborations and a ‘new track with Zedd.’ As she wraps up her run in Las Vegas, the ‘Hallelujah’ hitmaker is already hard at work on new music. Aside from ‘When I’m Gone,’ Perry is also working on a song with 365 collaborator Alesso, and a new single with 365 collaborator Zedd.

In addition to a new song with Zedd, Katy Perry has a lot of surprises in store for fans in 2022. The singer recently dropped her dance-pop song ‘When I’m Gone’, co-written with Alesso. Her upcoming single ‘Purpose’ will feature the DJ. In addition, the pop star is also planning to release more music with her 365 collaborator, Zedd.

‘Purposes’ was released last year and will be the lead single from the album. The pop star is currently touring in Las Vegas, where she will perform the ‘Katy Perry:PLAY’ tour. In addition to performing her own songs, the star will also collaborate with popular artists like Alesso, Darren Rowe, and Zedd.

The pop star is busy working on new music, including a ‘new track with Zedd.’ ‘Purpose’ will be her next collaboration with the electronic duo, meanwhile ‘Purpose’ will be the latest collaboration with Alesso. ‘Purpose’ is set to be Katy Perry’s first release with the producer. ‘Purpose’ was also the last track from her ‘Katy Perry:PLAY’ tour.

The singer is already collaborating with ‘Zedd’ on a new track and is in Vegas for a month. She is currently working on a new album with her 365 collaborators. It is currently unclear which project she will release next but it’s clear that her ‘new track’ with Alesso will be released in 2020. Alesso is another possible collaborator for ‘PLAY’.

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Aside from the new ‘When I’m Gone’ track, the singer has already set up several collabs and a ‘new track with Zedd’ in 2022. The star is also currently completing a run at the Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas. She has a 16-month-old daughter with Orlando Bloom and a fiance, Orlando Bloom.

Aside from her ‘Katy Perry:PLAY’ residency in Las Vegas, the singer has plenty of surprises planned for fans in 2022. She recently released ‘When I’m Gone’, which was a collaboration with Alesso. The pop star also reportedly wrote ‘365’ with Zedd. She has also been working on a ‘new track with Zedd’ in 2020.