Katie Price has conceded at Lewes Crown Court to breaking a controlling request against her ex Kieran Hayler’s fiancee Michelle Penticost.

The 44-year-old previous fabulousness model showed up at Lewes Crown Court with life partner Carl Woods to enter the proper supplication.

Judge Stephen Mooney, who tended to Katie and her guidance following the request, cautioned her that she is “in danger of going to jail” subsequent to conceding to breaking a controlling request.

Talking in court, he told her: “Obviously you have acknowledged liability regarding an offense.

“You have confessed and you know that you committed that offense while you were dependent upon a suspended sentence and you are in danger of going to jail.

“Your legal counselor says there is a great deal of data connecting with the foundation of this offense and the offense which prompted you getting the suspended sentence.

“I should be familiar with the applicable pieces of the foundation.

“Be under no deceptions, I am concluding for a pre-sentence report however you really do risk getting a custodial sentence.”

Today, investigator David Dainty made no portrayals to the meeting which went on close to 15 minutes.

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Katie’s legal counselor Nicholas Hamblin said the star ought to keep away from prison again in light of the fact that main the words “tell your” were a break of the controlling request.

He said: “Were it not for those two words in the message this wouldn’t be a break.

“It is extremely let for this situation know that there is a lot of foundation data which should be set under the steady gaze of the court.

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