Katie Maloney Wanted to Take Control of the Narrative Around Her Divorce

The star of Vanderpump Rules has filed for divorce from Tom Schwartz. They have no children together and child support won’t be an issue. The couple recently took a photo at a restaurant in Studio City. According to an eyewitness, Katie and Tom looked unattractive and had no affection for each other. It was unclear whether the two will stay friends.

The couple split months ago. The couple reportedly began dating in 2010 and married in a forest in Northern California. The couple had been married for two years when Tom failed to file their marriage papers. They remarried a year later in Las Vegas and got married again. Despite the missteps, Katie said that her divorce from Tom was not based on resentment or hatred.

After announcing their separation in an Instagram post, the couple appeared at the same party. The party was a birthday party for TV producer/writer Phoebe Fisher. The two weren’t pictured together, however. But Katie was upset that the rumors continued to swirl around her. She wanted to take control of the narrative surrounding her divorce so she could move on with her life.

The two were married in 2016, and the divorce was finalized in 2017. During Season four of Vanderpump Rules, the couple revealed their separation to fans. It wasn’t an explosive incident, nor was there an epic fight. Rather, the couple woke up one day and realized they weren’t happy with their life together. Katie’s story will continue to be told on the show, so it’s good to have them back in the spotlight.

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During season one, Stassi was the queen bee. She was romantically involved with Jax Taylor, and they both dated other men. After the season, Stassi and her friends accused her of being in a relationship with a married man. Ultimately, she quit the show. However, she rekindled her friendship with Katie Maloney and is now working on a T-shirt line.

According to a recent interview with Us Weekly, Katie Maloney wanted to control the narrative surrounding her divorce. The reality star wanted to create a positive image of herself as a strong woman who fought for her rights. She hoped her appearance on Vanderpump Rules would change people’s perception of her and Tom’s relationship. The couple split after nine seasons of the Bravo show.