Junna Tsukii assaults gold in Serbia karate competition

Filipino-Japanese karateka Junna Tsukii expanded a important growth in her expedition to play in the Tokyo Olympics next ruling the Golden Belt Tournament in Cacak, Serbia past weekend.

The 29-year-old karateka beaten bets from Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia in the primary rounds. Tsukii challenged one more Croatian karateka in the contests where she succeeded, 2-1.

“I’m very glad to be talented to have struggled with the top players in this time. Let’s move on to revenue gain of this involvement,” said Tsukii.

Tsukii prior vied in the Premier League, where she hooked out in the first round against Venezuela’s Yorgelis Salazar, 1-5.

The Filipino-Japanese karateka is knotted with Uzbekistan’s Bakhriniso Babaeva in 10th place in the World Karate Federarion women’s kumite 50 kg. world ranking, with 3,712.50 points. The top 4 in the detachment will increase a wharf in the Olympics, where the diversion will make its entrance in Tokyo.

Tsukii, a 2019 Southeast Asian Games gold medalist, has remained working out in Japan with her father. She is probable to connection other Filipino karatekas like Jamie Lim, Joan Orbon, Sharif Afif, Alwyn Batican and Ivan Agustin in Turkey for their training campsite in training for the Tokyo Games.

The world Olympic karate qualifiers will be thought in Paris, France in June, a month previously the Tokyo Olympics.



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