Jung Il-hoon Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Marijuana

South Korean musician Jung Il-hoon has been sentenced to 2 years in prison and fined 133 million earned or about Rp.

The sentence was granted because Il-hoon was discovered to have violated the Law on Narcotics Control. This situation has been brought to the Seoul Central District Court since Jung Il-hoon was originally suspected of purchasing and smoking 826 g of marijuana at the interval from July 5, 2016 to January 9, 2019 and seven other defendants. He supposedly bought 130 million won worth of marijuana utilizing virtual money in 161 transactions.

Along with Il-hoon, another seven defendants were sentenced to two and one years in prison or suspended sentences, based on the amount of instances they smoked marijuana, a forbidden chemical in South Korea. “The defendants communicated through the darknet so that their offenses weren’t easily discovered and they utilized complicated criminal techniques like transacting with all the cryptocurrency bitcoin,” the judge stated.

“Jung Il-hoon and Park played the principal role and dedicated the many criminal actions,” according to Yonhap News through Naver.

Formerly, the prosecutor general required Il-hoon to use a sentence of four years in prison for its purchase and use of marijuana. The prosecution read the litigation at a hearing held in the Seoul Central District Court on Thursday (20/5) local time.

In the trial, Il-hoon admits his guilt and guilt for his activities.

“I apologize for disappointing lots of men and women who thought in me. I’ve been reflecting on it. Even though it can’t be undone, I’ll cherish and remember the enlightenment and pain which I obtained through this episode,” stated Ilhoon. Il-hoon’s announcement in the trial was likewise reacted to by his own lawyer who said that Il-hoon had jeopardized his activities.

“The suspect deeply regrets (his activities ). He suffered from anxiety when boosting in the amusement industry for a songwriter and trainee by a young age, and that he strove to ease stress in the incorrect manner,” explained Ilhoon’s lawyer.

This case started in December 2020 when Channel A reported that the authorities had obtained testimony from witnesses who Il-hoon had smoked marijuana with his acquaintances in the previous four to five decades.

The authorities are also thought to have procured circumstantial proof that Il-hoon purchased marijuana with virtual money. The usage of digital money rather than money is supposed to prevent monitoring.

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Meanwhile, Jung Il-hoon has also been serving in the army as a public service employee since May 2020. In addition, he resigned from BTOB in December 2020 shortly following the information surfaced.