Jonah Hill celebrates body positivity through new tattoos Celebrities

Jonah Hill got tattooed to celebrate body positivity.

The actor, 37 years old, took the actor to Instagram to share a picture of new ink. It mimicked the Body Glove logo with its black and yellow colors. However underneath was a sign that said “lock-on” and the word Body Love. It’s mine.

The caption he used was: “BODY LOVE [rock-on and heart emojis]”

Jonah Hill celebrates body positivity through new tattoos Celebrities

Jonah’s new tattoo is months after he revealed that he finally loves and accepts himself after years of being ridiculed for his body.

The “21 Jump Street star” posted a photo of himself in Malibu surfing, and also a screenshot from his shirtless paparazzi picture, on Instagram. It could have happened sooner if my childhood anxiety had not been worsened by years of ridicule from the media and interviewers about my body.

“So, when I surf or print a photo like that, the media attempts to play me on the stalker and can’t guide me through anymore.

I am 37 years old and have finally learned to love and accept myself. This is not a “good for me” post. It’s also not a bad mood for me. Children who don’t take off their shirts. Swimming in the pool. Have fun. You are amazing, wonderful, and perfect. All my love. (Sic)

The “Moneyball” star has previously stated that he is grateful to his family and friends for allowing him the freedom to share his vulnerabilities.

He stated that he grew up as an individual and was able to develop the emotional maturity and confidence necessary to be a filmmaker. [I’ve reflected upon] How did you learn to communicate with people? And why was it a problem?

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“It was something I was taught and perhaps culturally, we were taught that if you are a male and you express your feelings or something hurts you, you should be teased. Such oppression leads directly to anger and bad behavior.