Johnny Depp’s previous dearest companion, music maker Bruce Witkin affirmed against him in his continuous maligning fight with ex-Amber Heard, affirming that Depp ‘had an envious streak’, announced The New York Post.

In a pre-recorded affidavit played in court on Thursday, Witkin uncovered that he had a dear kinship with Depp that traversed more than forty years before Depp dropped him approximately quite a while back.

He then, at that point, affirmed: “He (Depp) can have an envious streak in him.”

Witkin proceeded to guarantee that when Depp was a youthful star in Hollywood, he was likewise ‘envious’ of individual Hollywood entertainer Nicolas Cage.

He additionally said that Depp’s desirous streak spiked again when he wedded Heard in 2015, saying that he was inclined to ‘stirring himself up’ assuming Heard was away shooting with ‘another fellow or on the other hand on the off chance that she was accomplishing something where he was unable to be around to watch out for her’.

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