It’s not exactly the crash of your dreams, but the reality star is still recovering from the experience. Counting On alum John David Duggar is reported to have crashed a plane with two passengers, including his wife Abbie and 2-year-old daughter Gracie. The whole family was safe, but the crash is sure to send everyone into a panic.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident, but it appears that damage to the plane was extensive. According to a preliminary accident report, the family was traveling with a friend who is the founder of the nonprofit MEDIC Corps. The flight was registered to a company in Arkansas, and its pilot did not report it. The NTSB’s spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

Upon obtaining flight logs, the Humphrey County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the family was on board. The accident happened on October 29 near Waverly, Tennessee. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident. The incident has left Abbie “shaky” and does not want to fly with her husband anymore. However, no one was hurt in the crash. Neither John David nor Abbie have publicly commented on the incident.

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The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash, and the family’s cause is still unknown. The accident report says that the plane’s damage was significant, but the National Transportation Safety Board has begun an investigation into the crash. It’s unclear whether the family was the cause of the accident, but the NTSB is still investigating the cause. The duggars are active in aviation and are dedicated to serving others in need.

A 911 dispatcher told the news outlet that the alleged incident occurred in Waverly, Tenn. The plane’s two engines failed at the same time, which forced the pilot to crash into a field. Although the National Transportation Safety Board did not identify the passengers, the report revealed that two passengers and the pilot were injured in the crash. The aircraft was heavily damaged and the crew had to land in a discipline.

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While the incident is being investigated, the Duggar family is focusing on the accident. While the two passengers were unharmed, the driver was unable to get out of the plane. After a second crash, the driver was arrested and the police were notified. The crash is not considered a murder, but it is a serious accident.