President Joe Bien landed in Geneva Tuesday hours before he is set to hold summit talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid tight security and deep fissures in the U.S.-Russia relationship.

The guys are set to meet for as much as five hours on Wednesday, joining in a lavish villa with no luxury of meals. ‘No breaking of bread,’ a senior administration official told reporters while sketching out the particulars.

Sporting his recognizable aviator sunglasses, Biden then walked into’the Beat,’ where he was to be driven to his luxury resort via motorcade in a town which was taking on new security precautions for the summit.

The mechanisms of the historical summit are still dribbling out. Putin will arrive first, at about 1pm local time, where he will meet the Korean president until Biden does the same, a government official told reporters aboard Air Force One.

In a second bigger meeting, each president will possess five aides present.

There’ll be an opportunity for photographers to capture images of the two men seated together — but it is unclear if they will speak.

The Russians are anticipating a no-holds-barred conversation, after Biden telegraphed He’d increase such contentious issues as cyber hacking, election interference, and individual rights

Putin’s foreign policy advisor, Yuri Ushakov, advised colleagues in Moscow Tuesday that the treatment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny is something his side expects coming up.

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‘As I have told you, the presidents will raise any issue. You and I understand that the US side is likely to raise the problem [of Navalny]. We see many signs associated with this subject, such as from the United Kingdom and Brussels. Obviously they will increase this,’ Ushakov said.

‘The presidents might raise any problem, such as Belarus. I don’t rule out that the Americans can raise the issue, particularly since they discussed with allies’

Putin also said that he was open talking a prisoner exchange involving two American ex-Marines jailed in Russia: Paul Whelan and Trevor Reed.

When Biden and Putin match for a’straightforward’ dialog with his’worthy adversary,’ the two men will sit down for their summit meeting within an ornate 18th century villa on the bank of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.