Jenny Ryan is distraught after she lost PS9,000 on The Chase.

Jenny Ryan from The Chase said she felt “so horrible” for one contestant who lost PS9,000.

Today’s show featured Charlie, Tony and Steph hoping to win a life-changing sum.

They would have to beat Jenny Ryan to win the grand prize.

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Charlie, a 19-year-old medical student from Newcastle-under-Lyme, was up first.

He wanted to save enough money to purchase a new car.

After a solid cash builder, Charlie won PS3,000 but was quickly defeated by Jenny in the head-to-head.

Tony was more successful, winning PS4,000 and qualifying to the final.

Steph was awarded a staggering PS7,000 cash builder.

Tracy, a Rotherham speech therapy student, was the last contestant.

She was 46 years old when she described her plans for her and her husband’s trip around Australia in a campervan. However, the 46 year-old had her eyes on a big cash-maker.

Tracy won PS9,000 in an extraordinary round.

But, tragedy struck during the head to head match when Bradley Walsh, the host, asked a difficult question.

He asked, “What was Honey Ryder’s full name in Ian Fleming’s novel ‘Dr Who?’?”

There were three options: A) Honeychile, C) Honeysuckle or B) Honeybun.

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Tracy chose Honeysuckle while Jenny chose Honeychile. Tracy was eliminated from the game show.

Jenny said, “Honestly, it was so terrible for you. I thought Tracy wouldn’t be able to see Honeysuckle when the questions are asked and she would know the options.”

“Honeysuckle seemed like the best solution.”