The former child star is preparing to launch a new television series with Skydance TV. The series is set in the Upper East side of Manhattan, and will feature the women who once inhabited the hotel. It was a spartan affair, with strict dress and conduct rules, and the famous residents included Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall and Betty Buckley. The series will be her third, and she will also produce it.

Jennifer Lopez‘s first major project as a producer was her movie Second Act, which debuted to critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival. The show will also be based on the book by Jeremy Wheeler, who wrote The Barbizon. The series will be the actress’s next feature, and will have an original storyline about the women who live at the Barbizon Hotel.

The actress’s first television project was a romcom called “Women in Heels,” which aired in Spanish in 2010. In this movie, Lopez plays an inept woman who makes her way to the top of a ladder. She turns the lights down low and dresses in white and black. Her characters have a history that traces its roots back to the 1920s.

Her film adaptation of her aunt’s memoir, Fosters, was a huge hit. The storyline reflects the reality of her late aunt, who was a lesbian. It also highlights the impact of the media on her life, and enables Lopez to address issues of health care through her foundation. However, the production is still in its early stages. There is no release date yet for Backwards, but a sequel is in the works.

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The actress has signed with DreamWorks Animation and Skydance. Among the other projects she’s signed with, she’s produced the script for Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D. Viola Davis, on the other hand, has signed with Lifetime Films. Its first broadcast partner will be Q’Viva: The Chost. But in terms of Jennifer Lopez’s latest project, her new movie will be more than just a big hit.

She’s signed with DreamWorks Animation and Steve Martin for the upcoming film. She also has an agreement with AllRovi for the movie. The project will also feature Viola Davis, who has signed a deal with Lifetime Films. Her newest production venture, Limitless, will debut in the US this fall. It’s a musical comedy that will be perfect for families with children.

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