Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have confirmed their romance when they talked about their relationship in their first interview since their the reunion.

In the latest issue of Adweek and dubbed the Bronx native Adweek’s 2021 brand Visionary The Bronx native Lopez describes how she manages it all while she is accompanied by her husband Ben Affleck also weighs in on her accomplishments.

Affleck was not able to stop talking about his thoughts about Lopez and said “I am awestruck by her influence in the universe.’

Jennifer Lopez – who has been named the Adweek 2021’s Brand Visionary for the past 30 years of service – has cast her limbs wide and far and beyond films and music, but also into fashion cosmetics, perfume and beauty.

In the latest magazine, JLo talked about how she’s developed her own personal brand. She said”You are who you are by what you do and what you do, the way you live your life.’ JLo went on to state that she’s a scarce celebrity. “I am the most scarce asset.’

“Someone who is a renowned artist, creator and entrepreneur with an ability to truly connect with others. This is what I consider my blessing and I believe it is an amazing, extraordinary gift’

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Jennifer stated that the gift was “given by God and she will not take it for granted’

My boyfriend Ben Affleck said, ‘All I can say is that I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact representation has on people because I’ve seen every time, the same thing over and over again.

Ben Affleck added that women of color contacted Jennifer Lopez and told what her role model as an assertive women… can mean to them..