Bennifer have formally turned into those humiliating guardians.
Like all guardians, even Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have their humiliating minutes. A valid example? On Thursday, the couple showed significant PDA during school get.

While trusting that their children will completely finish class, Bennifer took a break by making out external their vehicle in what seemed, by all accounts, to be the school parking area. Lopez should be visible folding her arms over Affleck as they investigated each other’s eyes prior to pulling him in for a kiss. For the event, the pair dressed laid-back, with J.Lo wearing white long-sleeved top under a matching puffer vest. She wore her light earthy colored hair out in free waves and adorned with a couple of pilot shades.

In the interim, Ben matched his tousled hair and facial hair with a long-sleeved, green and dim raglan T-shirt.
Ben’s relaxed style has apparently come off on Jen. Of late, she’s been dressing strongly more easygoing (indeed, relaxed for J.Lo) than in years past. Simply this week, she wore loose creased pants with bound sews for a shopping trip in Beverly Hills and a realistic tee while getting things done per day before that, and during the couple’s continuous house-chase, she’s well used everything from larger than average business shirts to comfortable layered looks.

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