Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are celebrating love both old and fresh this Valentine’s day. The actor-singer and singer shared a touching present from Affleck in advance of the day: a redesigned music video of her hit song “On My Way,” filled with personal footage of the two of their life.

This 49-year-old “The Last Duel” actor made use of clips from the beginning of their romance in his own version of “On My Way” video that was released originally as an album track from Lopez’s new romantic comedy featuring Owen Wilson titled Marry Me. Lopez has told the subscribers to the “On the JLo” newsletter that she usually wouldn’t reveal the gift of Affleck, since it’s incredibly “personal,” according to E! Online. “It’s an earlier Valentine’s Day present from Ben. It brought me to think about the path of true love, the unpredictable twists and turns and the fact that when it’s true it’s actually able to be forever,” she shared with the fans. “This seriously melted my heart.”

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While “On My Way” was composed to be performed by Mary Me which is about a pop singer (Lopez) who impulsively marries an admirer (Wilson) during her performance The lyrics are relevant to Bennifer — who was part of that Super Bowl celebrity crowd Sunday (Feb. 13) — as well as it tells the story of their revived love affair. “Every heartbreak was just taking me home,” Lopez sings on the track. “I wasn’t lost, I was just moving through. I was headed towards you.”

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Lopez and Affleck first started their relationship in 2002 before they became engaged. The couple, who are extremely famous, starred in films – GigliJersey Girl – as in their music videos “Jenny From the Block,” and dominated glamorous parties and red carpets with each other before breaking up in 2004. Their romance picked in 2021, when Lopez along with Alex Rodriguez ended their romance