I, along with many others, experience an intense physical response (hate) towards the sight of puffer vests. Particularly if they’re from Patagonia and paired with the blue button-down and seen by a banker who is walking through Wall Street. It’s just a fact that I can’t resist being awed by it. It’s something that is so established in me that am frightened at the look of one before I even comprehend my emotions. When my sister’s boyfriend is wearing one, she makes me feel prepared prior to me seeing him. “He’s wearing the vest, just so you know.” Ugh.

The internet, as in the majority of cases, is a part of the issue. It’s taught me to instantly think of this item in the context of “Midtown Uniform,” a style that is adored by finance professionals all over the world. It’s difficult to not to laugh at the fashion as soon as you realize. There’s an Instagram dedicated to this trend as well as more online think pieces on the subject than I could count. But stars like Jennifer Garner, and supermodels such as Hailey Bieber are reclaiming the Midtown Uniform as their own. The puffer vests are becoming fashionable and fashionable, as only an individual as stunning and well-known as they are.

Naturally, Bieber’s puffer vest was a $3,100 one by Bottega Veneta that matched her title=”(opens new window)” )”>$1,900 bottega mini-croissant bag. Garner is, on the contrary on the other hand, makes it much more reasonable for us, and frequently opts for an off-sale Xirena puffer priced at $130, which has now sold out, paired with her most adored TikTok fashion, leg warmers. Kim Kardashian famously was seen wearing an over-sized Balenciaga puffer jacket that was larger than the majority of our coats from last year. Fashion pioneer Dua Lipa is working to revive the puffer vest since September of 2020 too.

Personally, I’m beginning to believe that this acceptance of the trend that was once a snobby one is a positive thing, since puffer vests are definitely a winter staple that’s perfect to wear when the seasons change. What should you wear when you’re not hot or too cold? The puffer vest the best solution. If it’s cold, they’re perfect as a layer under or over the jacket to provide an extra layer.

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Also, you’d have to be kidding me if claimed the adorable silky floral garment from Sandy Liang hasn’t been on my list for a long time. Area also has a $2,200 one with a crystal fringe embellished which quickly was sold out at Nordstrom and, even though it’s way expensive for me I’m constantly thinking about it frequently. If I’m thinking about what I’ll purchase, Nordstrom has so many great options for sale such as this one from Sam Edelman at just $100. I suppose if everyone in Hollywood is wearing this Midtown Uniform, I can at least consider it.

Find the most stylish puffer vests in the list below and be ahead of what’s likely to be among 2022’s most controversial fashion trends.