With more than forty years in Hollywood, Jamie Lee Curtis actually feels most comfortable any place her significant other is.

“I have a sense of security when I drive up and see that [he is] home,” Curtis, 62, tells the distribution. “That is the long marriage.”

“It’s the wellbeing of realizing his vehicle is in the carport, that I’m in good company,” she adds..

The couple, who got married in 1984 and will celebrate 37 years of marriage this December, have two youngsters together: little girl Annie, 34, and child Thomas, 25.

In December, Curtis and Guest, a screenwriter, commended 36 years of marriage. Curtis, who infrequently shares photographs of her better half on Instagram, celebrated the achievement with a sweet accolade for Guest

“Probably the longest relationship I’ve had looking for solace and contact and association is with Chris,” she wrote in the inscription of a high contrast photograph of them clasping hands. “Today denotes the 36th commemoration of our wedding.”

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“My hand in his. Then, at that point and presently. Associated through our youngsters and loved ones it turned into the connections in our human passionate chain that have seen every one of us through win and misfortune,” she added

In June, Curtis additionally imparted a sweet return of Guest to their child Thomas with their backs toward the camera. In the photograph, a lot more youthful Thomas sits in his dad’s lap as they raise their arms and clench hands into the air.

“Fathers. Every day of the week. In our home a wellspring of consistent strength. HFD#34,” Curtis wrote in the inscription.