James Marsden is a British actor who has appeared in five Interesting Facts about the ‘Boss baby 2’ actor.

With films like “Enchanted,” “X-Men,” and “Hairspray,” James Marsden is now a household name. With a long list performances under his belt as well as the upcoming sequel “Disenchanted,” the actor is sure to have plenty to enjoy the occasion on the weekend of.

Despite his time being in the spotlight, many aren’t aware of everything there is to learn about Marsden. Here are five fascinating facts about the main character of “The Boss Baby” Family Business.”

He was the persona to the “Dead To Me” character.

Mardsen’s real-life personality was the inspiration for the character Ben According to Netflix Series creator Liz Feldman in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“The reality is that [JamesBen’s motive is Ben’s. Since James Marsden is a darling in real life. The actress went on to saythat “He is a gorgeous individual.”

Mardsen was a villain known as Steve in the first season of the show. Steve was the complete opposite of Ben, his twin brother. Ben.

“I believed that Ben and James ought to be much closer. James isn’t an alcoholic, while Ben is. However, Ben as James is a good man with a good heart and soul.” Feldman remarked.

“I thought it would be interesting to see him playing an actor who is more than him. “I just wanted to tap towards James as his more nerdy healthy side and he was the source for this.”

Marsden appears unaffected by his attractive appearance.

Marsden is praised for his stunning appearance and dapper red carpet outfit throughout his career, however the actor has said that he doesn’t view himself in the same way that other people do.

When he spoke to Los Angeles Confidential magazine, He said “My biggest issue was that I didn’t think of myself as a cool kid because I was not that kind of kid in senior high.” “Instead being a fan of James Bond, I regard myself as James Bond’s fun older brother.”

He was a part-time actor and auditioned for Parts In “Primal Fear”

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Mardsen attempted to play the part as Aaron Stampler in the 1996 film however Edward Norton beat him out. Norton received nominations for the Academy Award for best supporting actor and was awarded the Golden Globe for best supporting actor in motion picture for his role on the movie.

Marsden Has Passed Up Parts In “Magic Mike”

Marsden admitted in an interview with “The Late Late Show With James Corden” that he declined an offer to appear in the”Magic Mike” film “Magic Mike.”