Yair Lapid, a former news anchor known chiefly because of his chiselled good looks, was exploited Wednesday to make a new Israeli authorities following a failed effort by veteran prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

After Lapid set his Yesh Atid (there’s a Future) celebration in 2012, a few discounted him as the newest in a succession of media celebrities trying to parlay his star to political achievement.

However, Yesh Atid finished second with 17 seats in March elections, Israel’s fourth largest vote less than two decades, also on Wednesday President Reuven Rivlin gave the resistance boss a 28-day mandate to form a federal government.

“I shall do everything to make certain that a Israeli unity government will be formed as soon as you can so we can get to work for those of Israel,” stated 57-year-old Lapid following the statement.

Rivlin noted that Lapid might seek out a deal where the next lawmaker serves as prime minister, as a part of a compromise rotational coalition.

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Lapid is your Tel Aviv-born son of this secular former justice minister Yosef”Tommy” Lapid, a different journalist who abandoned the press to go into politics.

A amateur boxer and martial artist that has also published a couple novels, Lapid was a newspaper columnist before getting a presenter on Channel 2 TV, a function which fostered his stardom, and he featured lists of Israel’s most desired men.

He conducted a sober effort for the March election to place himself as the solution to Netanyahu, political columnist Yuval Karni wrote in the Yediot Aharonot newspaper in March.

“Lapid together with the knife between his teeth has shifted,” Karni composed.

The secularist and centrist Yesh Atid had promised a sudden 19 seats in Israel’s 120-member parliament back in 2013 polls, demonstrating Atid as a credible force in politics.

The party joined the centrist Blue and White coalition formed in 2019 under the direction of former army leader Benny Gantz.

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After Gantz decided last spring to go into a Netanyahu-led coalition, mentioning the need for unity since the coronavirus pandemic was gathering speed, Lapid bolted.

He accused Gantz of breaching a basic promise Blue and White had left to its fans: that it’d struggle to oust Netanyahu.

“I told (Gantz),’I have worked with Netanyahu. Why not listen to this voice of experience… He’s 71 years old. He’s not likely to alter’,” Lapid said.

After departing Blue and White, Lapid chose his seat in parliament since the mind of Yesh Atid and chief of the resistance.

He explained the short-lived Netanyahu-Gantz unity government as”a ridiculous coalition”, where cabinet ministers who loathed each other didn’t bother to convey.