HAIFA, Israel (AP) — Israeli soccer’s first transsexual soccer ref took the field Monday interestingly since coming out openly as a lady a week ago.

Sapir Berman blew the whistle as head ref to start off the Hapoel Haifa versus Beitar Jerusalem match.

She was welcomed with little exhibition by the scanty group at Sami Ofer Stadium. A Haifa fan held up a sign “Sapir Berman super lady.”

In pre-game warmups and during the match, it was the same old thing for the players. Some talked and snickered with her before the opening shot. Beitar Jerusalem fan Omer Weiss revealed to Israel’s Kan public telecaster that “we don’t have anything individual against anybody. Everybody should live their own particular manner.”

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Monday evening’s down in the northern port city of Haifa had been delayed by a day after Israel announced Sunday a public day of grieving for the 45 individuals killed in a week ago’s charge at a strict celebration.

Berman has filled in as a soccer ref for quite a long while in Israel’s Premier League and declared a week ago that she has freely come out as a lady. She said that she had gotten the help of family, fans, soccer authorities and players.

Berman continues in the strides of British soccer ref Lucy Clark, who came out as transsexual in 2018.