Is the Difference Between Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

The question is often asked, is the difference between dark matter and dark energy made of quarks and strings of electrons as the reason why particle accelerator experiments result in so many results. Most of these experiments are done on detectors that use lead, positronium, or photons to produce a difference in the results. Is the difference between dark matter and dark energy due to what is known as antimatter? This is one of the top questions in physics and is still being worked on. Here is a little about antimatter and why you might care.

Have you ever heard of electron shells? These are like shells of matter that make up an entire atom. If two of these shells come together then the atom is made up of two particles instead of one. Antimatter is similar to this but instead of having two particles, it is made up of one.


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There is a lot more to dark energy than just anti-matter though. It is also made up of invisible electromagnetic radiation. This is radiation that is not made of subatomic particles but rather is produced from very heavy, incredibly fast, radioactive elements. These elements are called quarks. This is why our science sometimes calls it dark matter. What is really strange is that the particles that make up this invisible radiation are so similar to those that we humans are made of.

The difference between dark energy and dark matter is that while the atoms in atoms are constantly changing, the quarks are the same throughout the entire universe. This is because unlike the atoms, quarks are held together by the electromagnetic force. If you take a bunch of really heavy, extremely fast atoms, break them down into their constituent particles, then you would have what is known as a proton and electron.

The difference between dark energy and dark matter is that the atoms and molecules that make up everything do not have any proton, electron or photon. These atoms and molecules are held together by what is called nuclear force. The photons that we humans depend on to carry information across the globe are emitted by atoms and molecules so that we can communicate with each other.

If there is no such thing as dark matter then we are headed for some major trouble. Since everything is mass, we will have to use more energy to move things than is necessary. In order to stop this from happening, we need to learn more about dark matter. This is where scientists get curious. With a theory like the one that I am proposing here, we may be able to see what is really going on in the universe and find out how we got here.

The big question is; how is the difference between dark matter and dark energy affecting us today? It is affecting us in many ways including directly resulting in global warming. We are currently using energy sources that are incredibly inefficient and may cause us a lot of problems down the road. It is probably time to start asking some hard questions of those in positions of power and who seem to know more about the subject than anyone else.

If someone is to develop a theory of how the universe works that is based on solid evidence, it will be welcomed by most people. If someone is to develop a technology that can allow us to detect the presence of dark matter and harness its energy, that technology is sure to become the next best thing in society. As long as there is life on the planet there is going to be a need for this energy source and some day soon we will have answers to all of our questions concerning is the difference between dark energy and dark matter. In the meantime, we can enjoy the ride while we learn.


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