iPhone 14 Rear Camera Lenses Suffering From Quality Issues

The iPhone 14 series is expected to ship with some camera lens quality problems. Some lens coating cracks can take up to two months to repair with a Genius. Apple is known for ordering components for new products several months ahead of time. The latest issue is a potential supply shortage for some lenses. Apple has yet to reveal a solution for the lens flaring issues, which have sparked a lot of speculation.


Apple is reportedly having some quality issues with its iPhone 14 rear camera lenses, and it’s transferring the order to Largan. Largan is a Taiwanese lens-focused company, and it’s supplying the iPhone 14 lineup with new lens components. Genius, the iPhone 14’s main lens supplier, is unable to deliver replacements for the coating-crack-prone lenses, which will delay shipments.


Some iPhone 14 rear camera lenses are being recalled due to coating-crack problems. Apple, however, has transferred the order for 10 million lenses to Largan, a lens-focused Taiwanese company, to avoid further delays in iPhone 14 production. Genius should be able to remedy the problem within two months, which could add up to nearly two months to production. Largan, meanwhile, will likely remain Apple’s primary lens supplier.

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iPhone 14

Apple has been experiencing problems with some of its iPhone 14 rear camera lenses lately, including cracked coating and pixel defect. The problem has been so widespread that Apple has transferred 10 million lens units to a new supplier to address the issue. It is not clear whether the new supplier will be able to resolve the issue in time, but it is worth mentioning that Apple often orders components for new products months before they are officially launched.

iPhone 13 camera lens flare fix not planned

A new feature in iOS 15 is expected to eliminate lens flare, but it hasn’t yet been released. However, a user on Reddit has shown that the green lens flare on iPhone 13 and older still occurs. This means that Apple will need to address a hardware flaw before it can roll out an update to address this problem. The company has yet to reveal how it plans to fix this problem, but it’s certainly worth watching for updates.

Largan can handle additional orders

Apple’s supply chain connections are likely to provide accurate information about the designs and features of future iPhones, which means Kuo’s data is likely accurate. Apple isn’t likely to acknowledge specific supply problems, so Largan will likely fill the gap if it becomes necessary. However, it is possible that the quality issue with iPhone 14 rear camera lenses could delay shipments for several months.

Largan can take up to two months to resolve coating-crack quality issues

As with the iPhone 12 launch two years ago, the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 is likely to face some manufacturing delays. In order to meet demand, the company has partnered with Taiwan-based Largan, a manufacturer of iPhone lens products. However, the company is facing issues with its panel and memory suppliers due to shortages. In the meantime, the company is planning to transfer its orders to Largan, which can take up to two months to address the quality issues.