In a hilarious viral clip the dog behaves like an aquatic fish.

After a clip of a dog swimming uncomfortably in the water pool became viral during last weekend. It produced an array of fish-related similar to the video.

The puppy, who is believed like a Golden Retriever, was seen on camera playing in a huge puddle, and lying on its belly like the shape of a starfish.

The playful animal is fumbling around while cameras zoom in imitating a flailing fish leaping out of the water.

“Can you tell me what kind of fish this is?” On Sunday, Reddit user NyankoSensei sent an update to the subthread “AnimalsBeingDerps.

I’m not certain what species of fish is this. AnimalsBeingDerps (from AnimalsBeingDerps)

In the past 24 days since it first posted online, the 15 second video has received 775 comments from curious viewers.

One man replied, “That’s a flat-tailed barker,” and another said, “You sure?” For me, it appears like a snout snoggler with a yellow belly.”

A third user observed with empathy “This is a golden pupper fish.”

Another person replied, “It’s a Land Seal.” “It’s not technically a fish, but it’s near enough.”

One person responded, “It’s actually not a fish.” “If you pay attention, you will notice a hole in the front, which is typical of a sea animal. It’s likely to be a kind of whale. I’m not very knowledgeable about whales, but this appears to be an North Atlantic Aurum Ferre to me.”

As per the American Kennel Club, the Golden Retriever is one of the most sought-after dog breeds in America.

The dogs are believed to possess the “joyous and playful approach to life” which they maintain throughout their adulthood. They are fond of playing outdoors and were bred to help recover waterfowl, which makes swimming an instinctual pastime for them and could be the reason for the dog’s bizarre behaviour on the clip.

Captain A., an Golden Retriever, was seen with his snout pressed against an aquarium in December the previous year. He was clearly fascinated by the fish in the tank.

“Hello Captain. “He adores his fishy pals,” reads the caption below the video.

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The last month, a dog’s bizarre reaction to a large pond filled with fish became viral on the internet.

A curious boxer is watching intently into an emerald pond filled with koi fish in this video that Karen Vick posted to TikTok.

“Are you ready to join your pals now?” “Go ahead and get in,” the dog’s owner told the dog. This is a simplified version of the story.

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