Iliopoulos: The administration of ND is hazardous aimed at the lifetime and the imminent of the countries

“An administration hazardous for the lifetime and the imminent of the countries, both in the fitness and in the financial field”, expresses the orator of SYRIZA, Nassos Iliopoulos, in a meeting with the newspaper “Democratic Voice” of Epirus.

“The administration has misplaced switch of the coronavirus epidemic and community sureness,” he supposed, noticing that “meanwhile November, we have grieved additional than 8,500 of our parallel humanoid lives.” “The administration has complete nonentity to recover the condition in the MMM and in the workroom,” said Nassos Iliopoulos, explanation that “he not ever supposed in a robust community fitness scheme, at the instant the number of enduring staffs in the fitness scheme is 1,680 fewer. relative to a year ago “.

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“Unfluctuating nowadays, through the hospitals and the medical staff on the edge of failure, the administration wastes to instruction the isolated clinics”, opinions out N. Iliopoulos, highlighting ND’s snub to proceed through the medicine of the examinations. “The above censure lights not lone the criminal selections of the administration nonetheless too what container and must be complete uniform nowadays. That is why we highlight that the disaster we live in tolerates the autograph of Mr. Mitsotakis “, he underscores.