CLATERING about mansions wearing fashionable shoes is the day’s work of Heather Rae Young, who sells the most expensive homes in Los Angeles’ swankiest homes for the money.

However, there is a Superpad within the city that the star of the Netflix the reality series Selling Sunset is more familiar with than her more glamorous counterparts – that of the Playboy mansion.

Before she became an estate agent Heather was a playmate of the magazine that is legendary, and she doesn’t have a second thought about stripping all naked for it.

In Interview , she says: “It catapulted my career, it changed my life, it was the most defining moment in my life.”

Endless bitching

It’s been 10 years ago that Heather was 34 when she put away her outfit for the sexy magazine as well as her lifestyle has made completely 180 degrees because now she’s a high-flying estate agent and mother to stepdaughter Taylor 11 and stepson Brayden Six.

She confesses: “I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to tell the kids I did Playboy.”

However, she has traded everything for selling Sunset. The show follows the personal and professional life of employees at the top-end LA real estate company called the Oppenheim Group, it is the streaming service’s top chart-topper, with the top spot in the UK as well as 18 other countries.

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The show is now in its fourth season that began streaming in the last week, it’s keeping viewers captivated by its enthralling mixture of property porn and an attractive female agent who don’t hesitate to take their claws out.