How To Understand American Football Odds And Betting Strategies

If you are a fan of American football, then you probably already know why it’s so important to understand the game. It’s a fast-paced, high action sport that requires all the right skills. Knowing the basics of this sport is also important for new fans, as well. Many newbie football fans never get started because they go to their first game and get confused by the rules and play the wrong way. This article will help you understand American football better.

American football can be divided into two major parts: the professional league and the NCAA. The NFL is the more traditional version of American football, while the NCAA is newer and less official. Both of these leagues have been around for decades, but they have different formats, rules and points systems. As a football bettor, you need to understand both leagues and pick the one that suits your preferences the best. You can also compare the two leagues to see which one is more profitable.

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Most bettors prefer to bet on the NFL because the games are played in just a few weeks, while college football games are spread out over a couple of years. With a little bit of luck and some intelligent handicapping, you can make some good money from the betting lines on NFL teams. However, most bettors don’t win much money this way. For this reason, many bookmakers have developed special programs or software that use these odds to help give them the winning numbers.


All bettors who wish to place bets on NFL games should understand the basic principles of picking teams to bet against and to choose their odds according to those teams. The most important aspect of handicapping an NFL game is determining the point spreads, which are what determine the odds of each team winning or losing. These are not fixed, so any team can lose or win, as long as their specific points total (points scored) is less than the total scores of their opponents.


The point spreads, combined with the current line and the final score, are the most important things any bettor needs to know before placing a bet. The lines give you a very simple numerical value to work with. The greater the difference between the lines and the final score, the more likely you are to bet on a successful team. In order to determine your chances of winning, it’s better to go with a number that is higher than 65 percent, but not too high, because you don’t want to bet on a team that has no chance at winning.


An example of an important statistic is yards allowed per game. This tells you how many yards the offense can gain without getting blocked. If the teams playing in a game average 10 yards allowed per play, then the defensive ends and corners should only care about getting tackle “balls” or punts “lost.” But if the game is a close game, and the final score is not reachable by the offense, then the focus has to be on “taking away field goals” or scoring more points “on the road.” Yards allowed is a stat that factors in all the aspects of a football game, not just the end zone.


Yardage is not the only aspect of statistics that gives you an idea of how likely a team is to win. Turnovers do make a difference, particularly on offense. A team that takes fewer downs than their opponents on average has a very good chance of winning. Getting the ball 10 yards down the field and returning it with a touchdown is a key component to winning.

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Finally, knowledge of the game is also important. The better you understand the odds and the overall strength of a team, the more valuable your betting decisions will be. Know the statistics that measure both these aspects. Know how the odds are figured out and which team has the best chances of winning according to the numbers. All this knowledge is what makes American football handicapping so much fun.