How to tie a tie - step by step

Learning how to tie a tie can be difficult for some people. There are many steps involved in tying a tie. They have made tie a tie easy for many people by making many videos for people to watch. I have watched many videos by TieAuction.

In the first video they show how to tie a tie for beginners by wrapping the loose end around the narrow end. We then pull on the loose end to make two or three loops. Now we pull the other end of the tie through the first loop we made and tie a second knot on the other side of the tie. These are shown clearly so all you need to do is understand what is being shown.

Now there are different styles of tie knots. In the first video the horizontal tie knot is used. In the second video we use the ten tuck tie knot. In the third video the fisherman uses the sloping tie knot instead. The tie knots can be explained by attaching the left-hand tie knot to the left-hand collar and the right-hand tie knot to the right-hand collar.

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In the following video we go over proper tie knots. First we discuss how to tie a high tie. Next we talk about the three different tie knots used for wearing a tie, including the high tie. Then we finish off the video covering how to tie a tie, including wearing a tie with a striped tie knot.

If you are learning how to tie a tie using the high tie, your right-hand wrist should be around your tie’s throat. The tie should be pulled slightly forward at the widest part where the knot is wrapped around. Your left-hand wrist should be tied in such a way that your fingertips rest on the front part of the tie’s collar. You should hold this position for a few seconds and then relax. As always, practice proper form before trying something new.


Now, let’s talk about wearing a tie with a wide swatch. It is easier if your tie has a narrow part to it. For example a tie with a narrow width like a grosgrain stripe would look better when worn with a shirt that is tie-less. The narrow part will show up just enough to accentuate your tie’s design. One trick to remember is to not pull the tie too tight, or else the loop will be too tight.

In the fourth video we are going to cover the most popular tying technique used by military personnel. This technique is known as the trinity knot. The name comes from the three separate knots in the middle of the tie. The key to pulling this off correctly is getting all three knots even and aligned. To begin this tie you will tie a normal tie, then tie a second tie over the first, and tie a third tie around the last tie. When you pull the tie tightly so that all three are even, you will create the perfect trinity knot.

This tie knot is commonly used for ceremonial purposes. Its purpose is to tie a shirt or blouse. Military personnel use it to tie a flight jacket or tie a tie on the head when commanding their ranks. Learning how to tie a tie can take some time. It’s important to remember that the tighter you make the loop, the higher degree of “tie strength” you will have.

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