How to Stop YouTube Frompausing on Your Mobile Device Or Tablets

Do you have a question about how to stop YouTube from pausing on your Android devices? Does it ever happen when you are watching a YouTube video and the whole thing pauses while you are trying to watch it? It does happen. YouTube has developed a poor habit of pausing your video and then asking you to confirm that you are still watching before giving you the opportunity to actually watch the video again. This is a very annoying pop-up that has been introduced in 2021 and is continually annoying to have your YouTube videos stopped and asked to start again every time a new video starts. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to get YouTube to stop pausing while you are viewing a YouTube video.


To get YouTube to stop pausing on your mobile device, you just need to install a YouTube for Android app. There are plenty of these YouTube apps available for download on the Google Play Store. The problem with these apps is that they won’t work if YouTube has not been installed on your mobile device. So, how to stop YouTube from pausing while you are watching a YouTube video? Well, to put it short, the answer is to stop youtube from pausing

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The first thing you can do is turn off the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet device. You can do this by going into the Settings section of your Google Android handset or Android browser and tapping the Google Android app. Once you have done this, you will see that it will say “Google now wants you to try out the latest version of YouTube”. This means that YouTube has automatically updated to take advantage of the latest battery optimization algorithm updates. So just go ahead and tap on the “OK” button to start the update process.


Secondly, you will need to restart your Google Android browser and then go into “Settings” > “Experimental Features”. You will find that the “Experimental Features” area has been cleared and there will be only one option left – enabling the battery optimization feature. Click on this and you will find that another screen will pop up on your smartphone or tablet device. It will look like the screen of an iPhone or an Android phone. You will just need to touch on the plus sign to continue.


Thirdly, you will need to go into the “Settings” section of the Google Android app and tap on the overflow menu that will appear next to the word “Settings”. You will find that instead of the usual search box, there will be a plus sign which says “pausing”. This means that the YouTube app is now in “products”. You will have to touch on the available options and select the one that says “Stop watching YouTube in products”.

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When you have done so, you will notice that your android smartphone or tablet device will now be showing an icon that says “YouTube Entertainment” on it. If you have noticed, this feature has already been enabled when you turned on your mobile device or tablet device. When you tap on this icon, you will see a notification that says “You asked how to stop YouTube from pausing? “.


Sometimes the YouTube does not fit in with the smartphone. If your smartphone is lagging then check out these alternatives for YouTube.


You will then have to go to the Google Play Store and search for the YouTube channel you wanted. Once you have selected it, you will get to see two different tabs on your mobile device or tablet. The first tab is the channel where you can access to stop YouTube from pausing and the second one is the tab where you will be able to access to watch all the videos on this particular channel. Once you have clicked on the channel that shows the video you want to watch, you will be taken to the video where you can either sit and watch the video or you can also start enjoying the videos that you have watched.


That was how to stop YouTube from pausing on your mobile device or tablet. You just simply need to follow these simple steps to get the job done. How to stop YouTube from pausing is as easy as one, two, three. It really is as simple as that. Just try it out today.

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