How to Silence a Family Member's iPhone Alarm

Did you know that you could silence a family member’s iPhone alarm? If not, read this article to learn how! Also learn why you shouldn’t! You might even be surprised to know that you can do so without them knowing! If you’re a parent or a partner and you’re worried that your child is going to wake up to their iPhone blaring, don’t worry! There are a number of ways to make sure your family is getting to sleep on time!

How to silence a family member’s iPhone alarm

Having trouble turning off your family member’s iPhone alarm? Don’t worry, there’s an easy way to silence an iPhone alarm. This trick requires that you have Family Sharing enabled and that the person whose alarm you want to silence is in the same Apple ID group as you. Once you’ve enabled Family Sharing, you can set the family alarm and use Siri to set the time and day that you’d like it to sound on each member’s iPhone.

When someone lives with you, it’s common to wake up to their iPhone’s unwelcome alarm. Unfortunately, they may not know how to silence it. It’s even worse when they’re too far away to bother to turn it off. Luckily, there are several ways to silence an iPhone alarm without waking the person who’s using it. Listed below are a few of the ways you can silence an iPhone alarm.

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If the person using the iPhone doesn’t have Siri, you can use Hey Siri to turn off the alarm. Say “Hey Siri” and wait for Siri to confirm that you’d like the alarm to stop. Alternatively, you can use Siri on any Siri-enabled device. This method has the added benefit of preventing your family member from receiving unwanted messages and phone calls. Just make sure that you have their phone nearby.

Why you shouldn’t turn off a family member’s iPhone alarm

Sometimes, you may wake up to the unwelcome ring of an iPhone alarm on a family member’s phone. In such a case, the iPhone alarm might be set on your own phone, but you’d like to silence the one on someone else’s phone. The good news is that you can easily do it. You can easily silence the other person’s iPhone alarm from anywhere, and Siri will ask you whether you want to turn it off.

One way to prevent a family member from turning off your alarm is to restore it to its factory default settings. This will erase everything on the phone since you bought it, so it should fix the alarm. To perform this action, open the General menu, and select Reset. In iOS 15, you can choose to Erase All Content and Settings. After you’ve done this, you should be able to see the device’s alarm volume.