It’s been quite an interesting year for moon watching already. After May’s “super flower blood moon” eclipse, we’re returning to a straight-up full moon today.Today’s full moon is back after May’s ” super moon blood moon” lunar eclipse.} It will be the final supermoon in 2021.

The June full moon is sometimes called the “strawberry moon,” according to the Farmer’s Almanac, which says the nickname is connected to strawberries ripening in certain parts of North America.| The June full moon is often called the “strawberry Moon” . According to the Farmer’s Almanac this nickname refers to strawberries that are ripening in specific parts of North America.} It is not a reference the color of the moon.

You may still be lucky with the moon’s color. “Towards the end of June, the moon usually sits in a lower position in the sky and shines through more of our atmosphere,” NASA said in a statement on Wednesday.NASA stated in a Wednesday statement that the moon is usually at a lower place in the sky towards the end of June and shines through more atmosphere.} Our moon can sometimes emit a pinkish tint because of this.

The term “Supermoon”, however, is not a precise term. It is used to indicate when the full moon is closest to Earth due to its elliptical orbit about our planet. A supermoon may appear slightly larger or brighter than a regular full Moon.

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“For 2021 some publications consider the full moons of March through June, the three full moons from April through June, and the two full moons of April and May as supermoons.”

It doesn’t matter if you call it a Supermoon, the best thing about the full moon is its beauty. Your best bet is just step outside and take a look since the Virtual Telescope Project’s livestream of the supermoon over Rome was cancelled due to cloud cover.|You can simply walk outside to take in the view since the Virtual Telescope Project’s livestream from the supermoon above Rome was cancelled by cloud cover.}