How to Get a Work Permit to Visit Germany For Business

Almost 40 percent of U.S. workers say they don’t need a work permit, and a similar number (34%) say they don’t need one. While it is possible to get a work permit in Germany, most companies don’t offer it, unless you have a green card or are a US citizen. Even then, you can use it for up to three months for exceptional business trips.


Getting a travel visa to visit Germany for business can be a tricky proposition, but it is not impossible. With a proper declaration, you can avoid the hassle. If you don’t need a work permit, you can obtain one by presenting a valid passport and a letter from your employer stating that the trip is a must. Most companies will allow international business travel to foreign employees if they can prove an absolute need.

If you have a valid work permit, you’ll need to present a certificate from your employer or business partner in Germany that states that you need the trip for business purposes. You should carry this document during your travel and present it during check-ins with the border police or the airline. You cannot send a certification in advance. In fact, if you have an international job, most German companies will only allow exceptional business travel, regardless of whether it’s necessary.

In a recent report, the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association sent a letter to the US embassy in Berlin asking for a change in the government’s policy. The organization argues that the US government is locking out European business travelers for safety reasons. The Schengen states are considered high-risk areas by the United States. The United States, however, considers Germany a low-risk area for travel.

The Biden administration has implemented a travel ban that has affected European business travel. In fact, the US government has classified most countries in the Schengen region as “high-risk areas”. Because of this, Americans are being locked out of these countries – including Germany. The only exception is if you need to travel for work. In that case, most European companies will only allow extraordinary business travel. The same rule applies to Schengen companies that only allow exceptional business trips.

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While the US government has put restrictions on travel to Germany, most businesses in Germany will still allow exceptional business travel. The only exception to this rule is if you’re traveling for the sole purpose of business, and you’re only planning to visit Germany on a one-time basis. In addition to preventing visa evasion, the Biden administration has also instituted a new travel ban on people from high-risk areas.