How to find your ip adress on Macbook

If you are wondering how to find your IP address, then this article is just for you. Specifically, I’ll be discussing why you should change your IP address once you’ve been here a while (it) and some cool tips on how to find your IP address on Mac. Specifically, I’ll cover how you can get a free proxy site and how to find your IP address on Mac. By the time you have finished reading this article, you’ll know how to get a public IP address on Mac.

It is widely accepted that the best way to surf the internet is through a good web browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. However, these browsers typically get a lot of craziness and they are limited in their ability to be private. For example, you can get a pop up that says “this proxy server is not open” or “this website is untrusted”. While this may annoy you, this is why you should change your IP address regularly and use a free proxy site.


A free proxy server will act as your gateway to the internet and whenever you visit a site, your IP address is automatically masked. The problem with this is that every time you visit a site, your IP is visible to everyone who is on the internet. This means if you’re doing illegal activities online, someone will easily figure out where you are from.

There are several ways on how to find your IP address on Mac. Some of these methods are free and some of them cost money. But regardless of the method that you choose, these are ways of how to get a public IP address and mask your real location.

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Free methods on getting an IP address are manually searching through the search engines by using the domain name of your site. You can also check the main wireless router manufacturer’s website because they usually provide the list of their services and websites. They might even have a support page or help center where you can get your IP address for free. Most times, you’d need to configure your wireless router to get connected to the World Wide Web using a proxy server.

However, this isn’t always recommended since you have no guarantee of getting a good service. You can also check forum sites to see which proxy servers are good and reliable. However, it is still not perfect. Sometimes, the person you’re communicating with might not be who he claims to be and there might be several malicious people waiting for an easy target.


Paid services are the best way on how to find your IP address on Mac. When choosing a proxy server, you must look at the speed of its connection. You must check if it provides reliable uptime. If it has reliable uptime, it means that your online chatting will never be interrupted. It means that you can talk to your friend 24 hours a day without any problems. As you get public IP addresses, you don’t have to worry about your location anymore, unless you are under a tight privacy policy.

The last method on how to find your IP address on Mac is to use a site that specializes in this kind of service. There are several companies out there who offer this kind of service for a fee. You can choose among the many different services available to get an IP address on your Mac. However, make sure that you only get reliable ones. You should always trust your common sense more than the search engine, especially when you want to get information on how to find your own IP address.

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