How To Block Someone On YouTube - Get Rid Of Annoying People Quickly!

How To Block Someone On YouTube? Who cares! If you have a problem with someone on YouTube or some other social networking site, how to block someone on YouTube is just a matter of common sense. The reason that I have so much trouble with people on social networks and with people on MySpace and other things is that they never seem to know how to block someone on YouTube, never take the time to find out how to block someone on YouTube.

how to block someone on youtube


Blocking someone on YouTube is actually pretty easy if you know how to block someone on YouTube. The first thing that you are going to want to do is go to the settings menu on YouTube and click on “Settings”. In the settings menu, you will want to click on “YouTube Videos”. Then click on the link for “Show Filters” and type in the code for the person you are blocking.


So now, how to block someone on YouTube for comments is pretty easy. You simply click on “Blocks”. There are several different blocks to choose from; I suggest finding the most common ones and using those. Here are the different types of blocks that you can put on YouTube;


First, there is the regular block. This blocks all comments and everything in that video, including thumbnail images. This method should be used for anyone you want to block; business people, internet marketers, salespeople, and teens, for example. You can unblock someone by clicking on the link below this block, then you will be able to view their comments again.


The second option is the exact comment block. This blocks a specific comment, not just everything in the video. For example, if you wanted to unblock a comment about Nike’s Air Force 1 sneakers, you would click on the “blocks” link below. On this page, you would find a block that says “Remove Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers”. You can then input the text for the Nike Air Force 1 sneaker into the text box and hit enter. When you’re finished, you will be able to view the comments again.


The third option is the exact post block. This option lets you specify which comments should be blocked and which should not. Just like the regular one, you have to enter the text you want to be blocked, then hit enter. Only comments you want to be blocked will be shown. It will also show the number of times they have been blocked.

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The fourth and final way to how to block someone on YouTube is to type in their name into the search box and hit search. This will give you all of the videos on there related to that person’s name. Use the back button on your browser so you can go back to the page you were on.


There are definitely more ways on how to block someone on YouTube, but this one should get you started. It should give you a good start. It may also be useful for clearing up some doubts you have about how to block someone on YouTube. With all the other tools on the internet, it should be relatively easy to figure out how to unblock someone on YouTube. Just remember to be patient.


There are a couple of other places you can find out how to block someone on YouTube as well. A search for keywords like “how to unblock someone on YouTube” should bring back several results. Try to find a reliable site that offers the information you need. There are plenty of them out there, but just make sure you get accurate information. Otherwise, you could end up wasting your time.


You can also ask on forums if anyone has successfully blocked someone on YouTube. However, this is not really a good idea. Someone could be trying to trick you or scam you into giving them your personal information. A better idea would probably be to look at one of the paid service websites that are on the internet.


In my personal experience, I have found that there is no shortage of people out there that can teach you how to block someone on YouTube. If you keep your eyes open, you should easily be able to learn how to block someone on YouTube. There is nothing more frustrating than being on the internet and getting caught up in someone’s stream of YouTube videos. It’s completely annoying and sometimes dangerous. Be safe and learn how to block someone on YouTube and stay safe from internet predators.

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