One would think after getting a mobile phone, all your needs would have been taken care of. But this is not the case. Today there are so many things that require a touch screen or a keyboard such as taking pictures, sending text messages, playing online games, and listening to music. So how did it all start? Well, let us look at the history of mobile phones.

In the year nineteen seventy-two, Richard Commey, a scientist with the Bell Labs, was responsible for creating the very first mobile phone. He called it the ‘pocket calculator’ and it had a keypad, a receiver, and a speaker, three essential features needed to make a phone. The first mobile phone in the world was the ‘electronic book’, and although it was an advance over the earlier telephones, it was not as advanced as the first mobile phones. It has been estimated that it took about eighteen months to make the first mobile phone and it cost Commey about one thousand dollars.

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These early phones were very basic in their design and usage. They used the same type of technology that we use today such as base stations and they worked via two way radio. The base station broadcasts a signal that the phone can then pick up and respond to. In the beginning only the size of the base station was needed, so these first mobile phones could be placed in a pocket or purse.


As the years went on, the size and technology of phones began to increase dramatically. They became more efficient and featured increased memory, speakers and video capabilities. In addition, they also started to include cameras and the ability to surf the internet wirelessly over short distances. This meant that people could send and receive email while on the road and even place orders online without having to use a cell phone. These phones also featured larger and brighter screens, which meant that text messages no longer looked like tiny texts.

As cell phones continued to improve, they started to replace home phones as well. People were using them for business purposes and sending and receiving messages while away from home. Cell phones became a common item in the United States Congress in the 1970s and were eventually made a major part of the U.S. military. Today cell phones are just as important as fax machines and land lines. Many people purchase new cell phones every year. In some places, they are considered a luxury item.

When the mobile phone first hit the market, there were just a few big companies that made them. The big names in the industry at the time were RIM and Nokia. Motorola had also produced model years before the RIM and Nokia started selling their own brand of cell phone. Over the course of several years, more different cell phone companies have entered the market. Now there are more brands available than ever.

The world around us changes so quickly that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Smartphones have become very important to our lives, because they help us stay connected with people we care about. We can keep in touch with the people who love us no matter where we are. For those of us that may be more interested in staying connected while we are on the go, there are many cell phones that can suit our needs.

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When the original black and white phone was introduced, it was an instant hit. Within a few months, it was selling for more than double what it cost when it first came out. Today, the original black and white mobile phone has almost become extinct. Today cell phones come in a variety of colors and are designed to be fun as well as functional. If you would like to find out more about how the cell phone was invented, then you might be interested in purchasing one of today’s hottest phones.