How Tall is David Dobrik?


If you are a fan of David Dobrik‘s videos on YouTube, you may want to know his height. Unlike many YouTube stars, David is not a huge, buff guy who looks bigger than he is. Instead, he’s an average-sized guy with a sweet personality. According to his YouTube bio, he stands five feet ten inches tall. Although YouTube stars are known to make themselves look taller than they really are, David isn’t as tall as some of the shortest celebrities on the network.

David Dobrik’s height in meters

You may be wondering, how tall is David Dobrik? In a recent vlog, he stated that he was five foot ten inches tall. However, his height in meters is actually slightly shorter than the average person. It’s estimated that he weighs 68 kg and wears a shoe size eight. He was born on July 23, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia. Dobrik is of mixed ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Besides his successful career as a television host and actor, David Dobrik also has an interesting personal life. He was married to Lorraine Nash in the year 2018 but later cut ties with his wife for personal reasons. Previously, he dated Liza Koshy, who is a well-known YouTube personality. However, the two split in June 2018.

David Dobrik was born on 23 July 1996 in Kosice, Slovakia. His family moved to Vernon Hills, Illinois, United States when he was six years old. He is of Slovak descent and belongs to the Christianity religion. He has three brothers and sisters. In addition to his successful YouTube channel, he has an Instagram account with nearly five million followers.

He has an estimated net worth of $25 million. His assets are comprised of his acting career, YouTube, and various other projects. He has gotten the Diamond Play Button from the YouTube stage for outperforming ten million supporters on his YouTube channel. Dobrik has also been featured in a variety of televised shows and commercials. Moreover, he is an entrepreneur and has his own fragrance brand, David’s Perfume.

David Dobrik has been endorsed by many brands. He also owns a Tesla. The YouTube star has an Instagram account managed by his girlfriend Liza Dobrik. He also has his own clothing line. If you are interested in knowing his height, feel free to contact him.

David Dobrik’s weight in kilograms

David Dobrik stands at 152 cm (5’10”) and weighs 78 kg. He is 25 years old as of 2022. This makes him quite small. In the year 2000, he was a toddler; his weight was 65 kg. He also has a muscular body with 13.5-inch biceps.

David Dobrik is the son of a married couple. He is one of the youngest members of the Dobrik family. His parents had two children while he was a young child. His younger sister is named Ester. She was born in the USA to Mr. and Mrs. Dobrik and grew up in Chicago. She has since developed a Tik Tok account and hosted a YouTube channel.

David Dobrik is an award-winning actor. He has starred in various television shows and launched his own clothing line. In addition to that, he has co-hosted various award shows and reality shows. He has also appeared in a variety of popular music videos.

Dobrik was born in Vernon Hills, Illinois, and completed his early schooling there. He later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in Vine. While attending high school, he played tennis and even won third place in a doubles tournament. He has three younger siblings.

The Slovak-American singer and internet personality has earned a healthy sum of money from his online videos. He also has sponsorship deals with various brands. His net worth is estimated at $15 million. His YouTube videos have generated millions of views. He also owns a luxurious house in the hills of California.

David Dobrik was born on 23 July 1996. His parents are Pavo Dobrik and Mrs. Dobrik, and he has three siblings. His younger brother is Toby Dobrik. He is Slovak by nationality and a Christian. Those who follow his religion are also known as followers of Jesus Christ.

David Dobrik’s weight in kilograms is 74 kg. He has a body type of average build. He has a brown complexion with dark brown hair.

David Dobrik’s relationship with Lisa Koshi

After six months of secret dating, David Dobrik and Lisa Koshi have broken up. After months of denying their relationship, Koshy posted a breakup video on YouTube. The video, which was meant to be a lighthearted moment between the two, revealed the split. It’s unclear what caused the breakup, but it appears that both parties were exhausted by the relationship. The breakup was not mutual, as Koshy revealed that she asked Dobrik to end the relationship.

The two split in November of last year. Despite the sudden end to their relationship, the two remained friends. They shared a great sense of humor and a close circle of friends. The two began appearing in each other’s YouTube videos shortly afterward. While it’s unknown if their relationship will be rekindled, fans of the two stars are holding out hope that the two will stay friends.

David Dobrik and Lisa Koshi first met at a party in Hollywood. They were friendly and bonded over their shared dislike of alcohol. Later, they began creating content together on their youtube channels and attended awards shows together. They seemed to be a perfect fit and were even seen together at the Streamy Awards in Beverly Hills.

David Dobrik’s relationship with Liza Koshi began as a platonic relationship on Vine. They later split after both parties got busy with their schedules. Their relationship was announced in a video that Liza released. Throughout the relationship, Liza said that she enjoyed watching David and Jason’s vlog.

In 2015, David Dobrik and Liza Koshi started dating. Liza Koshy and David Dobrik also shared many YouTube videos together. In addition to their relationship, the couple was also close friends. Pedro’s uncanny antics have added to the content of the videos. Pedro was even featured in one of David’s vlogs of the couple. The couple also traveled together to places in Brazil. In particular, they spent time in Rio de Janeiro.

Although David Dobrik and Liza have been in a relationship for several years, their relationship ended in February 2018. Despite their breakup, they remain on good terms. David’s YouTube channel has garnered over seven billion views and 18.3 million subscribers.

David Dobrik’s parents

David Dobrik’s parents and height are still unknown, but we can guess that they are from Slovakia, one of the Western European countries. The country borders Poland, Ukraine and Hungary and is known for its corruption and economic issues. According to some sources, his parents may have fled Slovakia for better opportunities in the United States. David Dobrik’s height is estimated to be around five feet ten inches and he weighs 75 kg.

David Dobrik has three siblings. The older two are actors and David’s younger brother, Toby, is an artist. His siblings are also famous YouTube stars. David Dobrik’s younger brother, Toby, is a talented video blogger and earns a decent income at the tender age of 13.

David Dobrik has been married to Lorraine Nash in the year 2019 and the divorce was finalized on 22 November 2019. Previously, he was dating Liza Koshy for three years. In May 2019, he legally married Jason Nash’s mother Lorraine Nash. However, they got divorced a month after the wedding.

David Dobrik was born on 23 June 1996 in Kosice, Slovakia. He is of Slovak nationality and has two sisters. He speaks English, Slovak, and Hungarian. His parents also have three children. He grew up in Vernon Hills, Illinois and later moved to Los Angeles during his college years. His career in music and videos started on Vine. He collaborated with musicians like Jason Nash, Liz Koshy, and Zan & Heath.

David Dobrik has a YouTube channel called David Dobrik Too, which contains blooper reels, challenge videos, and sponsored videos. He also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he talked about the inspiration for his viral videos and his first meeting with Justin Bieber. His viral videos have gained him a huge following and he is currently the fifth most popular YouTube creator.

Dobrik has won many awards for his work. He received the Choice Male Web Star award at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. He also made the list of Variety’s annual “Power of Young Hollywood” list in August 2019. People magazine named him the Sexiest Heartthrob of 2019 in a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray & Co.