How Gen Z Uses TikTok Like Google Upsetting the Old Internet Order

With sales projected to triple to $12 billion this year, TikTok is making waves on the Web. Its users are primarily Gen Z, the 67 million-plus group that’s still developing purchasing practices. While the generation is still developing their buying habits, marketers and modern technology companies can’t ignore it. Millennials and Gen Z are countering the movie critics by embracing TikTok and its newfound power.

TikTok appeals to younger users

TikTok used to be an entertainment app for young people but has now become their go-to source of information. With more than 1 billion users, TikTok is quickly upsetting the old Internet order. It has become the new YouTube, and with that, it is taking over from established giants such as Google and Facebook. The app has become more than an entertainment app, as it is fast taking over the functions of the traditional web giants.

Leia Getahoun, 20, moved to New York for a summer internship in the city over the Juneteenth holiday weekend. While she was living in the Big Apple, she used TikTok to find videos related to the topic of her internship. It was a time saver for her because she didn’t have to sift through long videos, or spend hours sorting through them.

It is a home entertainment app

Sales of video-sharing app TikTok are expected to triple to $12 billion this year. The company has a user base that’s roughly a third Gen Z, a generation that makes up 67 million people in the United States. Despite its young age, Gen Z is still forming its buying habits, but TikTok’s young users are countering antitrust laws.

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Though once considered an entertainment app, Gen Z is now using TikTok as a search engine. According to internal data compiled by Google, more than 40% of young people are using TikTok and Instagram instead of Google search or Google Maps. That shift in behavior will affect the way people search for information and services online. If Google can’t keep up with the changing needs of younger generations, the future of the Internet is bleak for the company.

It is a search engine alternative to Google

Currently, the most popular search engine on the web is Google. But with the rise of visual content, there are new contenders on the scene. Besides traditional search engines, there are now video and photo sharing platforms. These new contenders are poised to compete with Google in the future. Let’s take a look at how TikTok compares. While Google has been a top choice for web searches, these new players are quickly gaining popularity.

Google faces a similar challenge in terms of its social media presence before the rise of Facebook and Instagram. Instagram and TikTok never had a breakthrough in the search use case. However, the powerful video algorithms of TikTok give it an edge over Google. Despite the limited search functionality, users will see better search results in comparison to Google. In addition, users can post videos in a variety of formats, making TikTok more appealing to younger audiences than the typical web platform.

It helps businesses connect with young customers

Brands that are not familiar with TikTok should take note of the advantages it has to offer. The platform attracts a millennial audience who have the attention span of a toddler. Brands that use TikTok effectively can make an impact on the young demographic by leveraging the influencers’ influence. In fact, consumers who watch a TikTok video featuring a brand or a celebrity will be more likely to purchase the product if the creators endorsed it.

Many brands are using TikTok to engage with their audience. The BBC uses it for its Bitesize account, which includes videos about revision and exams. They use the platform to share tips and tricks and engage with their young audience. Language education app Duolingo uses TikTok to reach young customers and capitalizes on the popularity of POV. Both companies use the platform to engage their customers and gain their brand awareness.