How Do I Make My Android Phone Charge Faster? Tips & Tricks

Yes, That’s right. You can learn to make your Android phone charge faster. Having to charge your phone continuously at all times is really annoying. Trust me, the experience isn’t a very good one and you’ll definitely be there with a plugged in and ready to go charger for hours. When you charge your phone by its own battery, it’s just going to be like plugging in an extension cord to a wall outlet.


One way to make your android device charge faster is with an external charger. I know this might sound kind of strange but I am 100% sure you’ve heard of an External Charging Brick. These are basically a brick like device that you place your android device on top of and pretty much just charge it. These are useful if you frequently travel a lot or if you use your phone while you are on the go.

The first thing you want to do to make your android phone charge faster is to turn off your device. Now what most people don’t know is that you can actually shut down your android device even if it is powered on. You need to locate the Settings> Wireless and connectivity options and look for the Wifi indicator. You will see two options, enabled and disabled. If you have enabled it, then you should see the padlock and the globe. This will tell you that your wife is now enabled so you can set up your connection without worrying about a dead zone.

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To make your android phone charge faster with a wired USB cable, you will need to connect the android to the computer via usb and run the USB cable from the computer to the android. The next step is to connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable again. You need to look for the settings in your android and ensure that you enable airplane mode. This is important because it enables the android to automatically detect a connection. After you have enabled airplane mode, you can power your android off and connect your device to the computer again.

There are times when you can not get wireless signals working in certain locations. The best way to solve this issue is by using a USB cable that has been provided by your mobile phone manufacturer. You plug it into an appropriate port on your android phone. This will make your android phone recognize the connection. This will allow you to charge even when you cannot get wireless signals.

If you are unable to use a USB cord or if you would rather use a wall socket for charging your phone, you can also charge your phone wirelessly. A wireless charging brick is the easiest way to charge your phone wirelessly. These devices come in the form of an electronic brick or a charging station. They charge your phone wirelessly using rechargeable batteries.

The last tip to charge your phone faster is by enabling airplane mode on your android phone. It is the easiest method to charge your phone since all you have to do is simply turn it on and it will automatically charge. You need to follow the on screen instructions to enable airplane mode. It is important to note that you have to turn your phone off before you do this to ensure that you don’t burn yourself to death.

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