How Did Old Is Jackie Christie From Basketball Wives Come to Be?

In his movie ‘Old is Gold,’ Jackie Christie played an older version of himself in one of the most memorable scenes. His character, Tip-Toe, is seen reclining on a bench covered with gold coins. The scene, with its nostalgic style, quickly earned the movie the Academy Award for Best Picture. However, the real story of how the gold coins came to be belonging to one of Jackie Christie’s many love affairs. It all started when he was just a young boy, working in a printing shop as part of his day job. His co-worker, Becky Thatcher, would often visit the local casino, where she would engage in late night gambling.

Sometimes, she would drink and gamble together with her friend, Sandy Bouquet. One night, however, Christie had an idea. He asked her to go with him to gamble. This would give them both a chance to have more fun without worrying about money.

Becky had no problem accepting the invitation, since she enjoyed going to the casino. It would be like having an old married woman with a group of young men. As it turned out, though, she felt old age was a little too much for the young men. So, when Jackie asked her to go out, they decided to make a bet.

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Their bet? Would any of them get home before midnight? There were only two of them; they decided to split the winnings. They didn’t know if they were going to be able to keep up. Their luck, however, did not last long. When Christie and Thatcher walked back into the casino, they noticed a commotion on the floor.

What happened next would change their lives forever. Instead of walking away, however, they watched in amazement as the old lady who had been playing cribbage became the center of attention. As she approached, she was tackled to the floor by a security guard. The security guards told her there was a mistake: she was an illegal immigrant. When Christie and Thatcher tried to explain that it wasn’t her fault, the guards simply replied “This is America, motherfucker!”

Now, it wasn’t easy for Christie and Thatcher to accept her fate. To make matters worse, Jackie had run off to join the other “refugees” that were being housed in the old age home. Christie and Thatcher had to face an old age home filled with drug addicts, thieves, and hostile inmates. Not only did they have to survive their captivating older age, but they had to get along with all the other old people in the facility.

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Aptly fitting to her personality, Christie was given the task of leading the basketball team, which included two former college basketball players. Christie impressed even the members of the coaching staff, which was made up mostly of older women. Her leadership skills and her ability to make everyone feel welcome made her popular among the other inmates. Things only got better when she and the other ladies started dating.

Inevitably, the old age home didn’t allow sports anymore and Christie and Thatcher had to find alternative activities to keep them busy. They soon discovered, however, that being the new kids on the block, they had to play by their own rules. No ball games, no bickering at the refs, and no whining about not being able to play with the boys. Their teammates, wanting to be on the team, supported them wholeheartedly and played with their hearts out. When the team won the state basketball tournament that year, they were awarded with a scholarship to the University of Alabama, where they have been playing ball ever since.