How can you get Google Chrome to stop freezing and crashing?

Google Chrome is the most preferred choice of users for a web browser. Thanks to its top-tier features and functionalities, its popularity surpasses that of any other web browser. According to Statista, Chrome experienced over 3.2 billion users in 2021. Google Chrome is an immensely fast web browser that is easy to use and offers hundreds and thousands of useful extensions that further enhance the browsing experience of users. It is a highly reliable web browser that offers top-notch security and protection.

However, since Google Chrome is also an application at the end of the day. It sometimes exhibits issues like lags, stutters, etc. The problems are not only limited to Chrome. Another top-tier browser that indicates similar issues is macOS’s native Safari. This makes many users wonder why does Safari keeps crashing or why Chrome exhibits problems even though they are the best web browsers available. There are numerous reasons why issues like crashes and lags arise. Some include too many active tabs, no free RAM resources, malfunctioning extensions, etc. This article will shed light on how Google Chrome users can stop the browser from freezing abruptly, crashing, or lagging. Let us dive right into it:

  • Close and Restart the Google Chrome Application

Whether you are a macOS or Windows user, a helpful way to prevent your system’s Google Chrome application and make it function smoothly is to shut it down and restart it if it is exhibiting issues. For instance, if a single Chrome tab is not responding, you could try closing it and opening a new one to continue browsing. However, if the Chrome app as a whole is frozen, it would be best if you closed it and re-opened it again. This simple and easy fix solves most of the problems, such as frequent crashes, freezes, stutters, etc.

  • Shut Down Tabs You Do Not Require

Even though Google Chrome offers a fast and reliable browsing experience, it uses a significant amount of RAM while it is open, mainly because of the numerous active tabs and extensions. Hence, if you are experiencing lags or stutters or your Chrome application is crashing, one of the most effective solutions you could try is closing all the unnecessary active apps. Doing so will reduce the strain on the system, and in turn, there will be enough resources available for the rest of the tabs and extensions to use and function smoothly. If a specific tab is problematic, you could try closing all the other tabs and reloading the one where the error occurs. If you wish to automate closing inactive tabs and processes on Chrome, you could try using an extension to get the job done effectively. For instance, The Great Suspender is a great extension that suspends activity in every inactive tab.

  • Disable or Delete Problematic Chrome Applications and Extensions

There are instances when Chrome’s internal apps and extensions cause the freezing and crashing problem. To lock in on the culprit, you would need to check the performance of your browser after disabling or removing every chrome extension. Hence, you should consider looking for the problematic extension or app and disable or delete it manually. The process may take time as you would need to go through each extension carefully to determine which one is the root cause behind the issue. Even though the process is time-consuming, it is still an effective way to solve Chrome-related issues.

  • Scan and Eliminate Viruses and Other Forms of Malware from Your System

Both Macs and Windows PCs are susceptible to the attack of viruses, adware, spyware, and other forms of malware, all of which could potentially hamper the performance of your Chrome browser and make it freeze or crash abruptly. Hence, if none of the fixes mentioned above prevent your Chrome from freezing or crashing, there is a very high chance that the problem does not lie within your system’s Chrome app. Instead, the issues are being caused by malware. Hence, it would be best to use advanced virus scanning tools to find the problematic files and get rid of them. Both macOS and Windows support numerous third-party antivirus software. Thus, you can conveniently install one and use it to scan your Mac or PC for viruses and delete them permanently. Doing so will solve any Chrome-related issues and provide a significant boost to your system’s performance.

  • Reinstall Chrome

If none of the solutions mentioned above work, it would be best to uninstall the Google Chrome application from your system and reinstall it from its official website, the app store, or any other reliable source. Uninstalling the app will wipe out all of the browser’s data, and reinstalling it will provide a clean slate. This is a very efficient fix that solves the majority of Chrome-related issues.

Google Chrome is a highly secure and reliable web browser preferred by millions and billions of users across the globe. If your system’s Google Chrome app exhibits problems, try solving them by following the easy troubleshooting tips mentioned above.