Hong Kong’s government has suspended operations in its representative office in Taiwan at a indication of escalating diplomatic pressure between China’s self-governing land and the democratically-ruled island which Beijing claims as its own.

A Hong Kong government agent didn’t supply on Tuesday an excuse for its decision to stop operations in the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office, adding just that the decision wasn’t associated with the current growth in coronavirus instances in Taiwan.

Tension between Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed authorities and Taiwan has climbed because pro-democracy protests erupted in Hong Kong at 2019 and China reacted by imposing a sweeping federal security law in town that prompted several activists to leave, a few for Taiwan.

Taiwan’s authorities stated that although it respected the decision, in addition, it threatens it.

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Taiwan has criticised the safety law Beijing enforced in Hong Kong and started an office in Taipei to help individuals who might need to depart .

In August This past Year, China intercepted a ship carrying 12 individuals from Hong Kong, who’d faced charges about the anti-government protests, and were seemingly trying to escape Taiwan