A man who was a vagrant and had a long report was indicted Tuesday with burglary and murder following the murder stabbing death of creative director Christina Yuna Lee, whom tracked into her Manhattan apartment following her return back from a night of drinking.

Assamad Nash 25 has three ongoing criminal investigations, including one in which he was charged with assaulting an individual at the subway station. residents living near the victim’s house in Chinatown staged a rally on Monday to protest violent acts against Asian community.

Lee 35, who was heading home on Sunday morning at around 4:30 from an evening out at the club when Nash saw her leaving her Uber the tenant Brian Chin said.

Security footage captured Nash entering the building from behind Lee who was oblivious to her stalker.

Nash stood by while the digital producer made her way up six flights to her new home, Chin said, climbing one level higher than she moved.

He grabbed her when she opened the door to her apartment and entered the apartment according to police.

Neighborhoods were awakened early Sunday morning by Lee’s blood-curdling screams “Please, please help me. Call 911.’

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Star Fitz, 21, who lives in the same building told police she immediately called and they arrived immediately.

In the meantime, Nash was barricaded in the apartment, along with the seriously injured Lee who was dying in the tub while officers were made to make through the door. Based on reports police took 90 minutes to gain access to the home.

They discovered Nash hidden under the bed, according to the New York Post reported.

Nash an unemployed career criminal, was released on bail after a number of unsolved crimes such as an assault charge in September, and a an arrest for criminal mischief in the early part of January. Nash was scheduled to appear in court in March 3.

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